When fans peruse the schedule, the thought of opposing coordinators never comes to mind. However, the Raiders will face strong minds on both sides of the ball in 2016. On the other hand, each season contains games where the Silver and Black should enjoy a coaching advantage. Ray Aspuria, Chris Simmons, and Pete Camarillo sit down and discuss which opposing coordinator should make for the most favorable matchup.



The Baltimore Ravens’ Marty Mornhinweg. The Raiders lost 30-17 last season, but that was due to a fractured and remedial offense under former OC Todd Downing. The two years prior, the Raiders had come-from-behind victories over those same birds. This coming season, Oakland should boast a diverse offense with a much more distinct defense.


Bill Lazor stepped in for a floundering Bengals offense that struggle to reach mediocrity. He will be facing a defensive coordinator who knows exactly how he likes to attack defenses. The other side is he will also be playing a defensive scheme he knows well by this point. The biggest modifier to that game is Khalil Mack and Derek Carr probably remaining the most talented players on the field that day.

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Meritocracy at OC in the NFL is not a real thing. How do some of these people keep getting jobs? For instance, Mike McCoy. He was fired as the Chargers Head Coach and as Denver’s OC in two seasons, but he will lead the Cardinals’ offense as coordinator this year. He was 3-5 versus Oakland as head coach of the Chargers. Last season, he coordinated the Broncos offense to a 10-16 loss to the Raiders in October. Otherwise, McCoy went 3-3 versus the Raiders in his first stint as OC with the Broncos from 2010-12 and that was with Peyton Manning. The point is, the Raiders have found ways to best McCoy’s offense before, and I fully expect the same outcome on Nov. 18.


In essence, these games represent three winnable games for the Raiders. Oakland needs to win these and pull a few surprises, en route to the playoffs. As mentioned, not every coordinator, although skilled, may own the answer versus every opponent. In that case, the Raiders should prevail in a couple of these matchups.

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