There’s no denying that the Rams offense is one of the most exciting – if not THE most exciting– in the game right now. Offseason trades have bolstered the attack with wide receiver Brandin Cooks giving quarterback Jared Goff a new deep threat. Coming off a solid rookie season, fellow wide receiver Cooper Kupp has also been showing his great potential for the 2018 season in the OTAs too. And we don’t even need to further hype the 2017 Offensive Player of the Year as Todd Gurley is going to do what he does best in the coming season.  

Yet one area of Head Coach Sean McVay’s arsenal, and one that he cut his teeth in coaching, was relatively quiet in the previous twelve months. However, 2018 is going to be the year of the tight end, and Gerald Everett is going to have his breakout season.

Although not yet the starting tight end, with Tyler Higbee occupying that spot, Everett had a relatively impactful rookie season with 244 receiving yards for two touchdowns. In comparison, Higbee recorded only 51 more yards for the season with one touchdown. With tight ends always having a tougher rookie season than most other positions, Everett should be set to lead what Matt Kelley of Roto Underworld calls the “imminent tight end renaissance” in 2018.

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Coach McVay, who oversaw Jordan Reed’s most successful seasons to date with the Washington Redskins – in 2015 for example, he recorded 952 yards for 11 touchdowns – has also been singing Everett’s praises recently. “Gerald Everett’s been one of the guys that’s stood out really throughout the offseason program so far in terms of getting better”, said McVay, “you see the overall athleticism, he’s getting better with the attention to detail.” As an aside, while some say Everett may be a little undersized for a tight end, he does match Reed in size and stature so, under the guidance of McVay, he can make the same impact.

Whilst Everett has played only one season, his name has appeared far too frequently over the last few months to be ignored. This combined with the under-utilized tight end in 2017 suggests that there will be a breakthrough in that role for 2018, and it will be Everett making that breakthrough.

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If this Los Angeles Rams team hopes to have as much success this season as they are projected to, Everett will be a big part of things. The second-year player possesses all of the physical tools to be a matchup nightmare in the receiving game. Keep an eye out for Everett’s name on the field and in the box score this fall.

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