Running back Isaiah Pead was drafted by the Rams organization in 2012. A second-round pick, plenty of hype surrounded Pead after a successful college career at the University of Cincinnati. However, that hype did not translate to the field. In four seasons with the Rams Pead amassed fewer than 100 yards and failed to reach the end zone.

After being released by the Rams, the now seasoned running back headed off to Miami looking for another chance to prove himself. Now with the Dolphins organization, Pead totaled just 28 scrimmage yards in three active games during the 2016 season.

A New Struggle

Pead would never play another snap in the NFL. However, his struggles to stick with an NFL organization were soon surpassed by a much greater struggle.

In the early morning of November 12th, 2016 Pead’s life would change forever. After meeting up with some friends, Pead would be driving sometime after 1:30 AM… be driving way too fast. What resulted was an awful car accident that left Pead clinging for his life and without one of his legs. Despite all of this, he always made the best of the situation. Just that week he was supposed to have a workout with the Kansas City Chiefs organization, instead, he would never play a down of football again.

According to Pead “It was tough at the beginning. Every now and then I would see myself in the mirror, or catch my shadow on the pavement, and I’d be like, Damn, you really got one leg, bro….” But he never quit, and he now refuses to let his friends and family “baby him” and has found a way to do things on his own.

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A New Dream

So where does a professional football player turned amputee turn? For Pead, a former track star in high school, it was the Paralympics. While the former collegiate star and professional running back cannot be sure to expect in his next endeavor, have no doubt Pead will face it head-on.

All quotes from this piece came from Pead’s piece in The Player’s Tribune, which you can read here. We at Fullpresscoverage wish Pead the best of luck in his next chapter and will be rooting for him.

– Andrew Kelly is the Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Rams. He covers the Los Angeles Rams and is also the Divisional Editor for the NFC West. Like and follow on and Facebook.

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