The Buffalo Bills schedule compares differently this upcoming season rather than last season. They didn’t necessarily face tough competition last year, but it was more of the injury bug hitting the team last season at the most difficult time. Granted, they were ranked to having a very tough top ten schedule last season, but they overcame the odds in getting the job done and clinching a playoff spot.

For this season, they have to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots twice, with one game being Primetime on Monday night in Buffalo. An AFC West division and a NFC North division whose teams are either improved off of their success in the offseason or have gradually built themselves up and looking to make a run.

Managing Editor Brandon Ray and contributing writer, Scott Bryk discuss the teams’ three toughest games for this season.


Week 2: Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are an up-and-coming team with what looks to be a top ten defense. Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are arguably the best pass rush duo in the league. They have a star corner in Casey Hayward who was a ballhawk in 2017 and their offense can light up the scoreboard in a hurry. The Chargers defeated the Bills last season 54-24 with Nathan Peterman throwing five interceptions in the first half.

Anthony Lynn comes back to Buffalo for the first time since his departure as the team’s offensive coordinator under Rex Ryan. Even with the loss of Hunter Henry due to a season-ending ACL tear, the Chargers are a team to beat in the AFC and the Bills will be tested early.

Week 3: @ Minnesota Vikings

The team who signed Kirk Cousins to the first fully guaranteed contract in NFL history as well as singing Sheldon Richardson to boost their defensive line will be a ferocious team to face for any opponent. They will get Dalvin Cook back and they kept all of their impactful players. The Bills are on the road and face their toughest NFC opponent this season. Whoever is under center, whoever is on the offensive line will have tons of pressure on them. The Vikings were a quarterback away from making the Super Bowl last season and now they look to make a deep run in the NFC.

Week 8: New England Patriots (MNF)

This game should be circled on every Bills fan’s calendar. The Bills host the Patriots in Western New York, on Monday night. The same night where Thurman Thomas‘ #34 will be retired by the organization. Facing the Patriots is already tough enough. Add in extra hype and a ceremony for one of the Bills best running backs in team history and now the bars are raised even higher.

The Brady to Gronkowski connection will look to get going as often as possible and the defense will be tested all game long. The Bills offense always tends to struggle against the Pats. Referring back to the first time these two teams met in 2017, the Patriots beat the Bills 23-3 and the Bills passed for a total of 115 yards and one interception. The Patriots then went onto spoil the Bills Christmas, defeating them 37-16 and sweeping them for the season.

Another season, another two games of facing Brady and Bill Belichick for the Bills.

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Week 3: @ Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota is a very well rounded team that has depth and made additions to the already rock solid leak proof roster. Average quarterbacks shined in the recent past and they upgraded that position. They had a very good draft considering where they picked. This is a team that I pick for two reasons that include very little actual details. I think the Bills take a minor step back this season in the “process” so I am skeptical against almost every opponent on just how the Bills will do. So Buffalo is the main reason I choose them to lose because of all of the question marks at wife receiver and the O- line that blocks for Shady. Now add the Vikings talent, upgrades, coaching and I chose the Bills to lose based on how the Vikings are clearly more powerful in almost every area. The Vikings take this by ten.

Week 4: @ Green Bay Packers
This game is in the fall so it will not be the frozen tundra, but it is at Lambeua Field. I have never been to a game there, but I have been on the grounds of the stadium years ago when the Pack was playing in Philly. The vibe I got just being there taking pictures on an off week gave me the shivers. All of the history really made being there very special for a football fan. This was in 1997, so I was going purely off of Brett Favre‘s two Superbowl appearances and the stories. Aaron Rogers was a child still. I heard of about the legendary Bart Starr teams. That being said, I do not see Buffalo’s team with so much turnover at the player level and at various coaching walking in to Lambeau Field and stealing a win. If it were in Orchard Park, I would take the risk and pick the Bills. Packers edge the Bills in Green Bay.
Week 8: New England Patriots (MNF)
Prime time TV on a Monday Night. If Brady is healthy and Belichick is coaching..I just do not see New England not stepping up and adding on to the domination . The Bills had the Patriots beat more or less on Monday night several years back. All Leodis McKelvin had to do was take a knee and the game was over back in 2009. He chose to bring it out of the end zone and fumble the ball as Buffalo lost. So if New England was beat and still won the game officially, I see no reason to think that they will not win and have it won by the half.   It does not matter who they have as wide receivers or running backs..they will be disciplined and move the chains. The defense can be many players who are never heard of and still will look like the the 1985 Bears defense for the game.  It is far too early in the season for New England to not need this game in Buffalo. Patriots take this game by two touchdowns.
Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the NFL and the Buffalo Bills. Follow him on Twitter at @brandon_ray79 and @FPC_Bills for Bills coverage. 
Scott Bryk is a contributing writer for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Follow him on Twitter at @skotbrick1970

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