DeMarcus Cousins is a Warrior (as you probably have heard) that’s no reference to DeMarcus’ fighting spirit. Oh no, Boogie Cousins is now a Golden State Warrior.

Or as Steph Curry (humorously) refers to Cousins, he is the third splash brother.

Reaction to the Trade

Right about now, it would come as no surprise if DeMarcus’ ears were burning because right Cousins is being called a lot of things, a bit like one Paul George.

Reactions to DeMarcus signing a one year deal with the Warriors worth $5.3 million have been varied.

With some noting that the Warriors now have five all-stars, while others wonder whether the Warriors have the best line up in NBA history.

Meanwhile, some have accused Cousins of being a ring chaser or glory hunter. Guilty of taking the easy route towards getting his hands on a Larry O’ Brien trophy.

The Struggle is Real

However, the truth is DeMarcus had limited options and instead opted to make the most of the few cards he had been dealt. What some have forgotten or missed in all this is that DeMarcus Cousins only had two offers, out of a possible 30 teams. One from the Celtics and the other from the Warriors.

DeMarcus has long had a reputation for being embattled. As of right now that reputation may be more deserved more than ever because DeMarcus Cousins is currently fighting for his NBA life.

DeMarcus Cousins, prior to his Achilles injury, was balling out a historic rate alongside fellow Kentucky product, Anthony Davis. Injury notwithstanding the duo is, according to Elias Sports Bureau, the first in NBA history to both averages over 25 points and 10 rebounds.

At that point, Cousins and the NBA world in general anticipated Cousins getting a max or at least near max deal. Fast forward to the present and the reality of what DeMarcus has actually secured shows the market is betting against him. As mentioned above, there were only two offers on the table, none from the Pelicans.

Which means the embattled DeMarcus Cousins is probably in his biggest battle ever. Having to fight harder than he ever has, mentally and physically to overcome an injury that may have been career altering. He has to battle against the lack of confidence the league and particularly his ex-team has shown in him, despite his relationship with Anthony Davis. Additionally, Cousins has to fight against the perception that he is disloyal, or afraid to compete. Somehow it seems life keeps taking the fight to DeMarcus Cousins in a spectacle reminiscent of the classic ‘thriller in Manila‘.

The Apex

For a relatively short period of time, DeMarcus was on top of the basketball world. Making NBA history with someone he truly viewed as a brother in Anthony Davis. Finally, it seemed, Cousins had found a home but more than that. DeMarcus Cousins was answering his critics, largely with his play on the court. Putting up career highs in effective field goal percentage (53 percent), rebounds (12.9) and assists (5.4).

As if that wasn’t enough, the career highs and eye-popping production is only part of the story. It wasn’t just the numbers DeMarcus was putting up, but the way he was going about doing it.

DeMarcus Cousins until sidelined by injury, did the unprecedented. Running as many pick-and-rolls as a ball handler as Jayson Tatum and leading the NBA in spot-up threes taken. Cousins played the game his own way, as only he could and was winning at the same time too.

The 4th Quarter

Nevertheless, as the saying goes, money talks. With DeMarcus only taking $5.3 million for his services it surely is a new day for Boogie Cousins. DeMarcus’ story is reminiscent of one Derrick Rose’s. Just like Rose, DeMarcus was doing things on an NBA court few have, only to have his momentum dramatically undercut by injury. For Rose, it can at least be said that he got his money.

However, in all of the discontent, uncertainty and plain old back-breaking work. DeMarcus Cousins has one silver (or even golden) lining going for him. The best chance he will likely ever get, to lift up a Larry O’ Brien trophy. Bearing in mind what Cousins has both been through and brought to the game, it seems only right. Perhaps it still is only the honeymoon period, but for now, at least, the Warriors and Boogie Cousins are a match made in heaven.


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