Every team in the National Football League has that one dark horse player on their team. Someone who not everyone knows except for fans of the team. This player is not as well-known but provides an impact on the game consistently. The Buffalo Bills might very well have that player in linebacker Matt Milano. A 5th round draft pick in 2017 out of Boston College, he shined in different moments for the Bills last season.

He was not exactly an impactful player all season long but he makes plays from sideline to sideline and he seems to never to take a play off which is the mentality in which Sean McDermott wants his players to have. Milano could very well part of the process that is being built in Buffalo as he’ll be paired with rookie Tremaine Edmunds.

At 6’0 and 223 pounds, he lacks the size but makes up for it in speed and playmaking ability. If you watch game film on Milano, he’s a player who comes at the ball carrier and is prepared to hit.

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His Biggest Moment in 2017…

All Bills fans should remember this Milano moment. Just before the end of the first half of the Bills vs. Raiders game, the Raiders were driving the ball when cornerback Leonard Johnson put a brutal hit on Raiders running back DeAndre Washington, causing a forced fumble and the ball landed into the hands of Milano who brought it back to the house 40 yards to give the Bills a 14-7 lead heading into halftime.

Since that game, he continued to split reps with Ramon Humber but Bills fans should expect Milano in action more than 2017.

While Tremaine Edmunds could become the main leader of the defense, Milano could become the player that everyone sleeps on and make a statement when he has the chance.


2018 Season Projections:

45 tackles, 4 sacks, 3 INTs, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery.


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