Pre-draft Conception

Dear Mr. Guice:

I’m sorry.  I am sorry for listening to the rumors prior to the draft.

Like most other Redskins fans, we were just coming off a bad break-up with a player who had all the talent and promise in the world but ended up being a character issue on the team.

I had hoped for the best, especially with the draft pick we used on him, but he wasted away his opportunity to be the best safety on the team since Sean Taylor.

As a fan that wanted to see him succeed and the team succeed, I felt spurned and disappointed.  It might be irrational to feel that way from a professional athlete’s perspective.  I understand and respect that.

From August to December, we read down the roster and try to consume as much information as possible about each player.  We want to get to know them as if they are our own family and can sometimes treat them as the drunk uncle during Thanksgiving.

But, there is something different about you that we were not aware.  Doug Williams came out spoke more about who you are and where you came from.  So, like the fan, and now writer that I am, I did some more digging.  Learning more about who you are, where you came from and what you did for the community while you were at LSU blew me away.  And you have not stopped once you were drafted by the Redskins.

Guice is Truly a Man of the People

Since you have arrived in Washington you have done nothing but impress the fan base and radio talking heads.

You invited fans to come see Avengers: Infinity War with you.

You attended Capitals watch parties (you sat in the suite a few rows back from where I was during Game 5 of the Finals)

You are out there raising money left and right for cancer research.

You are always looking for a way to interact with those that show up at OTA’s and fans on the street.

These moments have shown all of us that may have had doubts prior to your arrival we have nothing to worry about.  All you really are is a typical dude who does everything he can to brighten the day of those that are around him and help those that are less fortunate.  We are lucky to have you in the burgundy and gold and I cannot wait to watch you play on Sunday’s.  You are destined for great things and I will do my part to help you in any way possible and make sure everyone knows.

Mr. Guice, you truly are a man of the people, and everyone has come to love you for that.



  1. Darius is a great kid from his younger days at Catholic High to his days at LSU. I can tell you as a Tiger I would give anything to have him back in the Purple and Gold. Yes, he has had a couple young guy things but he is a true champion and wants to be a part of his community. You will find no one with a bigger heart and a loving attitude than Darius. He is not only a asset to his team on the field but he is an asset to his team off the field. God bless Darius Guise and may God keep him safe and love him as much as those of us at LSU do.

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