PODCAST: Touchdowns and Tangents – Jameis Winston, Reuben Foster, Lakers and Mavericks


Touchdowns and Tangents opens with updates on the latest developments with Jameis Winston, Reuben Foster, and NFL ratings.

Kenny and Pete also have an NBA beat reporter call in for his insights on the Lakers, LeBron James, and free agency. The duo also shares their sadness about Kam Chancellor’s retirement.


Ben from BS3 sports also calls in from Dallas to share podcasting tips and analysis on both his Mavericks and Cowboys.

  •  00:02 Intro: Madden Ratings, Gamestop and more
  •  12:00 Reuben Foster and Jameis Winston updates
  • 24:11 NBA Free Agency, Lakers Beat and more with Bob Garcia IV
  • 44:42 Stalling with Kam Chancellor sadness
  • 45:55 BS3 Sports Podcast calls in for insights on his podcast and favorite Dallas sports teams #Xsquad
  • 70:58 Take or Tangents: Fake Super Bowl Rings, CBD, and Guaranteed contracts
  • 82:58 Touchdown or Turnover: Calvin Johnson, XFL, and Cleveland’s future
  •  90:54 Unnecessary toughness rants and closeout

Pete and Kenny close out the show with hilarious analysis on Super Bowls, CBD and Guaranteed contracts in the NFL. Plus, they share takes on Calvin Johnson’s comeback, the XFL’s funding, Cleveland’s future without LeBron.

The show ends with some positive notes and crazy stories about camping in the wilderness and traveling on the bus in LA.


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