2018 Bills Player Projections: Chris Ivory


The running back position is either very valuable or it is underused in an offense. Players like Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, LeSean McCoy have broke out in the league and have stayed consistent. Running backs are typically inconsistent. Now granted, sometimes you cannot put the blame on them but there is too much of the inconsistent play.

The Buffalo Bills have not fallen under this category in quite sometime. They always seem to have a problem with almost every other position, but never doubt them when it comes to the run game. For the past three seasons, they have relied on McCoy as their go-to. Also relying on the services of their recent backups such as Mike Gillislee, Karlos Williams and even Travaris Cadet. The Bills now have a new backup in veteran Chris Ivory.

After being released from the Jacksonville Jaguars just two years after signing a five year deal, Ivory is expected to be on a short leash in the offense. Numbers went way down since arriving to Jacksonville and the productivity and health have not been there.

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Ivory has a different style of running the rock that’s different from McCoy. McCoy runs east and west, Ivory goes north and south. Ivory lowers the shoulder and fights for an extra yard or two, McCoy is known to cut on a dime. The biggest fault in Ivory’s game recently is fumbling. We all know that if a back fumbles it once, just shake it off and be ready next time. Keep dropping the rock, and then there will be a problem. The last two season, Ivory has fumbled seven times. Not usually the kind of back you want in a run-first offense.

Now everyone has the chance to make for mistakes. Ivory will have that this season, most likely on 3rd down and inside the five yard line. The fact that Ivory was signed to a two-year contract instead of a “prove it” one year deal, there is possibly more to this process that is being built in Buffalo. Even if it is for a short amount of time.

Last season, Ivory ended the season with 382 yards and 1 score in which he started in 3 games and only played in 14. Bills fans should hope that management did the right choice to bring in Ivory because he comes with both big pros and cons.


2018 Season Projection: 

100 carries, 480 yards, 6 touchdowns. 


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