Cornerback Logan Ryan and Wife Focus on Animal Welfare


Logan Ryan is a two-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots and signed a contract worth $30 million last offseason with the Tennessee Titans.  However, he has made a large impact off the field as well.  Ryan’s wife Ashley has dedicated her life to animal welfare and helping dogs in need.  Both felt very strongly about the rescue of pit bulls and adopted their own, Leonardo.  However, he was in bad shape health-wise and required multiple surgeries.  This led Logan to think, how can I help other dogs in need of attention and care?  Thus began Ryan Monthly Rescue.

Ryan Monthly Rescue

While Ryan was in New England with the Patriots, he began Ryan Monthly Rescue.  This program gave awareness to dogs who were struggling to be adopted.  He would post a picture every month with a new dog, trying to show off its own unique traits.  The community ate up the cornerback’s work with animals and the dogs being showcased were adopted due to the help of the Ryan’s.  For the past three years, Logan has been posting a picture with a new dog each month, on the 26th, for his jersey number.

This program has lasted through the move from New England to Nashville and continues to grow.  Dozens of dogs have been adopted.  The new owners not only get a new best friend, but also receive a signed photo of Logan and their dog taken by a professional photographer.  There are dogs available right now through the program, and Titans fans in the Nashville area can get involved to make a difference.

Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation

Logan and Ashley made an impact for two years through the Ryan Monthly Rescue program but felt they could do more in the Nashville community.  In 2017, they opened the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation.  The foundation run by the couple helps to get more dogs rescued and adopted to new families.  The monthly rescue program is still run, but the Ryans have added a grantmaking program.  They are a non-profit organization that accepts donations in order to give grants to animal welfare programs across the country.  These grants help to the better the lives of at-risk animals and help find them permanent homes.

The foundation is also one of the only charities to offer behavioral grants.  These help train dogs to make them more attractive for adoption.  These grants allow for more dogs who otherwise may sit in a shelter for years to find homes and families.

Special Programs

Although grants and the monthly rescue are the main ways the RARF helps dogs, the Ryans also will create special events to highlight specific dogs or make a larger impact.  During the playoffs, Logan offered up the chance to win his game-worn cleats to donors.   The Ryans hosted an event on Super Bowl Sunday where adoption fees were waived and fans could meet Logan.  These large events help to get more dogs adopted, but there are also more specific programs.  In March, the foundation shared the story of Phoebe, a dog who needed a knee surgery but could not afford it.  The Ryans matched the highest donation to the cause in order to pay for Phoebe to get the treatment she needed.

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Although the Ryan Monthly Rescue may be the most popular way the foundation works, it doesn’t make the most impact. Pay attention to the RARF website and look for more ways to get involved.

How to get involved

The RARF accepts donations on their website which go towards the grants detailed above.  The donations are used to help shelters get more dogs adopted and create a better opportunity to have a better life.  Also, you can adopt a dog from your local shelter, even if it isn’t the Ryan Monthly Rescue.  Every adoption counts.

Logan Ryan made a large impact on the Titans team last year through his play on the field.  However, he is expanding his reach throughout the Nashville community and beyond through his work with the RARF.

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