Coming off of a surprising 11-5 season after going 4-12 and also making a number of colossal moves during free agency, the Rams look to be in a win-now mode. With a young, wonderfully crafted offensive mind in Sean McVay, and a young star in running back, and reigning Offensive Player of the Year, Todd Gurley, along with Jared Goff coming off of a big morale-boosting year. Wide receiver Brandin Cooks added to the mix and the Rams offense is one of the most stacked, talent-wise, in the league.

On the defensive side of the ball, you have the brightest young linemen and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald along with newly acquired grand slam acquisitions in defensive backs Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib, just to name a few. These Rams look to be in an amazing spot to actually start winning now. They have all the pieces in place and the right minds to coach them along the way but, how long can the Rams keep it up?

Around The Division

With an insanely deep conference like the NFC and teams growing to be the next superpower in the league, the Rams definitely have their work cut out for them. The NFC West will be set to be one of the most competitive divisions the league has to offer. With San Francisco’s head coach Kyle Shanahan finishing up his freshman year at the helm with his shining light in his new franchise quarterback, the undefeated Jimmy Garappolo, the Niners look to pose the biggest threat to the Rams in a new, fresh and exciting rebirth to the classic West Coast rivalry.

Without a doubt, you can never count out a team that has Russell Wilson on the roster. Though their Legion of Boom has depleted over these last couple offseasons, the Seahawks will always be in the mix as a dangerous team that is well coached and very experienced in big games.

A very young Arizona Cardinals team will look to find success with first-year head coach Steve Wilks. However, with a first-round pick attempting to fill the starting quarterback role, they’re definitely in rebuilding mode.

Nonetheless, it’ll be a difficult task for the Rams to keep their NFC West title locked up, though I truly believe they have superiority in one crucial category over all these teams: Coaching. 

Excellent Coaching Staff

As long as the Rams have their guys in the building, the future is bright. McVay, along with legendary defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, mastermind special teams coordinator John Fassel keep this team and their players a cut above. McVay proved his ability to score in his 2017 season (the Rams were the #1 scoring offense in the league, in case you didn’t know) but now he has the ultimate test: can he replicate what he did in his first year, and keep it going as long as he is the head coach for this team? Continuity and having his players build relationships with each other and the other coaches are key. He needs to be sure that all these moving parts keep moving as he increases his tenure as head coach. 

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The future is certainly bright for the young coach and his team. He has the pieces he wants, whether they’re coaching or on the playing field. All he has to do is put them in position to be successful, and continue to do that. It’s all about building a dynasty in the NFL and I sincerely believe that the Rams are nearer to that goal than further.

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