Since the Rams decided to fire Jeff Fisher and revamp the organization, free agents and talent now flock to Los Angeles. If the Raiders want to build a sustainable winner, perhaps borrowing from the Rams could work. With that said, FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria, Chris Simmons, and Terrance Biggs and Anthony Zaragoza offer opinion.



Los Angeles has a riveting head coach with a by-any-means owner. Moreover, the head coach is surrounded with quality assistants. Sure sounds like Oakland is tapping into that formula, no?



Win. There is a reason why teams like the Rams and Eagles are getting solid veterans signing with them. It is because they have a winning culture right now. In addition, because of that, players want to be a part of that. Therefore, the advice I would give to the top dogs in the Raiders organization on how to land these top-notch free agents is simple, win.



Win often and score plenty of points. Oh, and draft well. That may seem facetious, but just two seasons ago, the Rams were national laughingstocks who were bloated with bad contracts and terrible coaching. Now they are an upstart team with a young coaching wunderkind and a great base of young talent. Perception tends to swing year to year as many of the parts that contributed last season were on Jeff Fisher’s seven win squads. Therefore, if the Raiders want to make themselves look good they have to score and earn back some of the luster of 2016.


Under Reggie McKenzie, the Raiders had the recipe for success: young QB, stud defender, and promise. However, what they did not enjoy was a standout head coach. Like him or not, Jon Gruden gives the Raiders sense of legitimacy that Del Rio never could. In Gruden, the team can look to him for accountability. With Del Rio, the sense of throwing coaches and players under the bus.

Due to the contract, free agents know that stability exists with Gruden. The 100 million dollars practically guarantees no hot seat. For a player looking to win, what better place than a stable coaching situation?



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