Witnessing Greatness: Marcus Mariota And His Motiv8 Foundation

Witnessing Greatness

Witnessing Greatness

Greatness has a very fluid definition.  You can define it by how well a person’s name is known. You define it by the impact left upon the Earth by their lives.  I define witnessing greatness in seeing people striving to be the best they can be and never losing themselves in the process.  As I travel through my life and continue moving forward with my writing career I strive to remember my journey and where I came from.  The same goes for Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, on a much bigger scale.

Mariota dreams big, despite coming from humble beginnings in Hawaii. The Tennessee Titans had the second overall pick in the draft. Consequently, they used it on Mariota. This is a beautiful marriage indeed due to the positive attitude on both sides. Staring at a young age, Mariota claims he dreamt of playing in the NFL. Mariaota displayed a wisdom and humility at a young age that will truly make him great.  He knew he wanted to give back and help children pursue their dreams just as he was.  The Motiv8 Foundation, started by Mariota after college and just celebrated its first full year of activity.  The goal of the Motiv8 Foundation is to motivate young people to pursue their dreams through education and athletics.  That’s a foundation I’m happy to throw my support behind.

The Motiv8 Foundation

The Motiv8 Foundation is currently focusing on Mariota’s three “hometowns” in Hawaii, Oregon, and Tennessee.  Per the foundation’s website, the Motiv8 Foundation aims to create and support economic and educational programs and athletic activities.  The foundation provides children from troubled neighborhoods a way to stay off the streets. The programs are geared towards helping kids out of trouble. Since launching in 2015, the Foundation awards thousands of dollars yearly. All that towards the healthy lifestyle programming it teaches.

You Can Help

You can donate! The Foundation hears requests to put on events in other areas, however, due to heavy request volume, not all requests will be approved.

To get in touch with the foundation for general inquiries or donation requests, please email the foundation at info@motiv8foundation.com.  For more information about anything including activities and future events visit www.motiv8foundation.com.


Mahalo, Fa’afetai (thank you).

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