SBFFC An Experience Unlike Any Other

For the 9th time you have a chance to play in the SBFFC or Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Championship.  On Saturday August 18th at 8:30 central time, the Knicely Center will host the SBFFC on the campus of Western Kentucky University. Never heard of it? Your missing out! The SBFFC is the largest live fantasy football draft south of the ohio river. For only $200.00 dollars you can test your fantasy brilliance against players from as far away as Canada. Is the SBFFC an experience unlike any other? Yes!

12 leagues of 12 teams drafting at the same time! That’s 144 teams all fighting for the right to to be called Southern Bluegrass Fantasy Football Champion! Something tells me you better bring your “A game” if you plan on knocking off last years winners. Matthew Klein and Nathan Young won’t go down easy, but that grand prize check of $4,500 would be easy to fit in your hand.

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The SFBBC Team

The SBFFC is proudly presented by main sponsor Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Around for over 200 years in Americas Kentucky heartland, no distillery has won more awards. That includes the “Icons of Whiskey American” 2018 distiller of the year award. Many more sponsors are lined up including names you know and trust in the fantasy community like  and data force fantasy football.This is a world class event spearheaded by founder Brian “The Doctor of Fantasy Football” Harwood. A high stakes fantasy player since 2001, your experience is in good hands with him and his team.

How Do I Enter

That’s the easy part. Just click the link or go to and follow the instructions. You can register and pay all on the same page. Serious fantasy football players owe it to themselves to play at events like this because it makes our game special. Maybe I’ll see you there but if I do, you better have brought your A game.


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