When Jon Gruden left the sidelines, the NFL felt different. With the era of innovation ahead, Gruden departed at a very different time. Now, the league‘s defense seem almost as complex as some offense. In fact, defensive play evolved into a specialized form. Whereas defenses appeared vanilla to the minds of some, the advancement and evolution of the athlete in a decade remains astounding. As a result, offensive innovation needs to keep pace. FPC writers Ray Aspuria, Chris Simmons, and Anthony Zaragoza and Terrance Biggs discuss if the Raiders, under Gruden can evolve.



The Raiders have a Howitzer-armed quarterback ready and willing to do what his coaches beckon. (Just look at last year. Carr did not deviate from the flaccid offense provided to him.) Unlike Gruden’s previous QBs as a head honcho, Carr gives him the strongest arm. While others maybe more accurate, DCs combo of arm strength and accuracy too any QB Gruden has had as head coach, bar none.


He has a much better Quarterback and receiving crew than he ever had with Tampa Bay. Additionally, in Khalil Mack, the Raiders have a more easily deployed defensive nightmare that can come from multiple spots on the field. Nevertheless, more than anything else things will be different because for the next ten season Jon Gruden will be plugged in and well paid. For a while that generates more pressure to win as he is expected to win. However, by year seven he could have a Marvin Lewis like status around the league with the exception of his lone super bowl in.


More dynamic and explosive. No offense to Brad Johnson and that team who won the Super Bowl in 2002, but the offensive players on this team are much better. Jon Gruden will elevate Derek Carr’s game back to 2016 and help this offense get back on track.



For the Raiders, Jon Gruden spending a decade in a film room helps them. In that time, he witnessed all of the college innovations. As a result, he will adapt them to the gameplan. Look for the Raiders to look vastly different from previous offenses.


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