The Buffalo Bills walk into the 2018 season with players who could be on the chopping blocks if production is not produced. Tight end Charles Clay came onboard to Buffalo the year Rex Ryan was hired as head coach. Clay was going to become apart of former Bills offensive coordinator, Greg Roman‘s scheme in hopes of the Bills establishing the tight end position.

Clay has been with the Bills for three seasons and still has yet to play an entire 16 regular game season. He has battled through different injuries in which he has missed 7 games in the last 3 seasons. Not too shabby but inconsistency has been a major problem for the Bills.

There have been games where Clay has taken over, then some where he disappears after the first quarter. With a receiving core that has faced setbacks in the last couple of years, the Bills are still looking for some type of receiver to be the teams’ go-to. Clay has produced, but is inconsistent about it. Although, there are different factors that play into it. Quarterback play, injuries, wrong offensive scheme, whatever you decide it is.

Clay has the chance to become a standout player for the Bills offense but could also be leaked as a player who could be at the end of his adventure with the Bills if positive results are not shown.

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What Will Change For Clay?

With Brian Daboll coming in to take over the offense, Clay, along with Nick O’Leary could be seeing more reps on the field and possible opportunities to set the team up in scoring position. Whenever Clay is involved in the game more often, it is shown that the team is set up to pick up a win. Taking Clay out of the game has limited the Bills to potential wins.

Obviously with the QB situation, who knows what to expect from the Bills passing game. It’s completely understandable. With the circumstances that Clay is under, he will still need to become one of the teams’ biggest contributor if not the biggest. In the past three seasons, he has caught for 1,638 yards and 9 touchdowns. He is not near the bottom, but he is nowhere near these other top tight ends. He’ll have to make a huge leap to secure his roster spot for next season.


2018 Season Projection:

55 catches, 650 yards, 6 touchdowns. 


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