Jurrell Casey is a three-time Pro Bowler for the Tennessee Titans. Drafted in 2011 with the 77th pick of the third round, it’s safe to say Casey has obliterated all expectations for himself. Casey is perhaps the most important player on the Titans defense, and an unquestioned leader as well. Why shouldn’t The Casey Fund be a leader as well.

The Casey Fund

Jurrell Casey and his wife, Ryann, created The Casey Fund to support community-based organizations that address the needs of at-risk youth as well as formerly incarcerated individuals. The fund was not established to help one group of people, it aims to help all groups of people.

On their facebook page, The Casey Fund states the following: “At-risk youth generally start their lives in communities with disadvantages and therefore do not reach their full potential. Correcting this trend begins with exposure to role models as well as additional academic enrichment and resources. The Casey Fund is eager to work with organizations that allow children an equal playing field by providing programming that supports them academically, socially and athletically.” Historically speaking, the Casey’s are absolutely correct. At-risk youth aren’t dealt that same hands as others are. In some cases, they don’t even have a fighting chance, and that needs to change. The Casey’s know that and are hard at work to make a difference.

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Project Return

No story is the same. However, they all have something in common. Every story has a beginning middle and an end. The Casey Fund has its reasons for being started. The story comes from Jurrell’s older brother, Jurray. Jurray happened to be the driver of a car that was involved in a murder back in 2006. Jurray was sentenced to 25 years to life for operating the vehicle. Although there were 3 other people in the vehicle, Jurray is the only one who is currently serving time. Regardless of what happened, we all make mistakes. Most mistakes warrant receiving a second chance, The Casey Fund can help with that.

Also listed on their Facebook page is the following blurb about formerly incarcerated people. “Formerly incarcerated people can contribute to society if they are able to receive the necessary support and employment opportunities. Individuals sometimes go back to prison without help, and the Casey fund is excited to work with organizations that ensure newly released individuals are able to be successful and make prison a distant memory.” When released from prison, these men and women deserve a chance to prove they have changed. Organizations that help these individuals get their lives back on track are an integral part of the process.

All In All

All too often we forget that these athletes are more than just athletes. They aren’t in this world to only play sports. Most athletes want to use their platform to incite change. Jurrell is only one of many athletes working to make as big a difference off the field as on the field.

I think it’s quite apparent that Jurrell’s personal connection to this is a driving factor in the creation of The Casey Fund. It’s not the only factor though, The Casey’s have a genuine want to help people. They want to make a difference in the community, and they want to create change for the better. The Casey’s are always looking for more organizations to partner with. If you have an organization you’d wish to discuss, please email them at TCFStrengthens@gmail.com. #TitanUp

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