When the Oakland Raiders face the Chiefs this year, an unfamiliar face will line up at quarterback for KC. During his career, Smith compiled a 10-2 record against him. In that case, the Raiders and their faithful were not sad to see him go, When the Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes, and the writing became larger to see. Now, Mahomes assumes the starting spot. FPC Raiders writers Aspuria. Simmons, Zaragoza, Berry, and Camarillo discuss how to stop the new Chiefs QB



Play his receivers press-man and bring the pain with the blitz while keeping a speedy defender as a spy. Playing press man coverage while selectively bringing the heat will force Mahomes to make a quick decision and potentially force him into a mistake. He has the wheels to make you pay, but prolonged and sustained hits do not do any quarterback good.


As with any young QB, you have to bring pressure and move them off their spot. The If Mo’ Hurst turns out to be the wunderkind that coaches believe he could be, he is the answer. Khalil Mack of course is the engine that drives any Raider pass rush, but Hurst could be the four-wheel drive that helps get the defense out of a rut. If Hurst can provide any middle, push Mahomes will have nowhere to run.


Pressure. The best way to attack a young quarterback is by delivering pressure from all angles. The former Texas Tech gunslinger is practically a rookie still. Outside of starting the last game of 2017, Patrick Mahomes is brand new to NFL defenses. New defensive coordinator Paul Guenther will need to unleash Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin on the sophomore QB. Overload a side and force Mahomes to make quick decisions. That will also help the young and new secondary of the Raiders.



I would attack Patrick Mahomes the same way he was attacked in college. Stifle him with pressure from your front four, make sure linebackers take away his checkdowns and the middle of the field and dare him to beat you deep every time. He is a gunslinger who will make some mistakes but if you do not make him take deep shots then he will pick you apart all day and then hand off to Kareem Hunt. If you stifle him enough to where he cannot trust the deep ball then you a chance to shut that offense down.



Coming out of the Draft, Mahomes put up crazy numbers at Texas Tech. He was praised for his arm strength and athleticism even though he played for a special kind of offense and did not win a ton of games in college. His ability to make the deep throw is one of the reasons why they went with him as the starter over Alex Smith. This is why analysis is all over the place on Mahomes. Not only did he get the starting job handed to him over a proven veteran like Smith but also there are questions if he was even worth the top-10 draft pick the Chiefs invested last year.


Now, Mahomes arm will allow the Chiefs to utilize their group of speedy receivers even better. That said, you have to get aggressive when attacking Mahomes. Like most young QBs, you have to blitz him to throw off his timing and make him uncomfortable. Don’t let him set his feet or give him enough time to set his feet and make deep throws. Mahomes’ live arm and burners at receivers cannot kill the Raiders if they do not have time to get deep.

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