Jalen Ramsey was asked about who would be on his All-Time NFL Mount Rushmore. Ramsey answered with the following; “Me with four different facial expressions.”

That question had me thinking, who would be on the Jaguars Mount Rushmore? Now, I’m sure there’s a lot of different opinions on the matter and feel free to comment your Mount Rushmore below, but this is my Jaguars Mount Rushmore made up of only players.

Tony Boselli

The Jaguars first draft pick in their inaugural season, and was one of the most dominant left tackles of his era. Boselli makes the Mount Rushmore for his ability in the trenches. Without a doubt, he will eventually be the first Jaguar inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Boselli also calls games for the Jaguars. His dedication to the city of Jacksonville and it’s fans never waived.

Keenan McCardell

The Thunder to Jimmy Smith’s Lighting makes my Mount Rushmore for his play in the 1990’s and the stellar job he’s doing today coaching up the Jaguars’ future stars. McCardell also was more level headed than Smith, he never had off the field issues. He’d come to work and dominate in an NFL career that spanned 17 years. You can see the impact McCardell is leaving on the Jaguars receivers, which is huge that McCardell is trying to benefit the future of Jacksonville.

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Maurice Jones-Drew

MJD was drafted in the second round of the 2005 draft and made an instant impact. Jones Drew and Fred Taylor were the best running back duo in the league until Freddy T took his talents to New England. After that,Jones-Drew had a chance to make the Jaguars offense his own. Jones-Drew won the rushing title in 2011 when the Jaguars weren’t winning many games back then. He was a bright spot in a rather dark patch for Jacksonville. He rode it out for the city until the end of his contract came and he decided to go to Oakland, but I think we can all forgive him now.


Fred Taylor

Freddy T was the most electrifying back in the league during his time, shifty as they come, could put the juices on to out-speed defenses, Add in he was a Florida native, and Duval County couldn’t get enough of its favorite son. He’s one of the most underrated backs of his day, and there’s no doubt he’ll get his day in canton soon enough.

Honorable Mention: Mark Brunell, Blake Bortles, Jimmy Smith, Jalen Ramsey, Marcedes Lewis

I’d like to give honorable mentions to Mark Brunell and Blake Bortles, the two best quarterbacks in franchise history. Jalen Ramsey, who is the best player on the Jaguars active roster. Also, Jimmy Smith, for being one of the best wide receivers in Jaguar history. Lastly, also Marcedes Lewis, though he wasn’t ever the league’s best tight end, Lewis bled Black and teal for 13 years and that’s enough to get an honorable mention.

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