VIDEO: Full Press Patriots Podcast – Ep 4 – Tom Brady Debates and Darrelle Revis


In episode four of the Full Press Patriots Podcast, Ian Glendon and Mike D’Abate dive into the ‘Tom Brady vs Everyone’ debate that emerges around this time every year. Brady Derangement Syndrome perhaps? Plus, the duo discusses the retirement of Patriots legend, Darrelle Revis. Is Revis a Hall of Famer? Ian and Mike debate.

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Finally, Ian and Mike welcome in author Brian Amado to discuss his book, “Coin Toss: First and Ten”

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Jeremy Savage, an 8th grade quarterback phenom, has just been given the offer of a lifetime from Coach Robert Fletcher, a local icon-to come and play football for him at St. Michael’s Preparatory, the best football program in the state. As Jeremy struggles with this choice, the decision becomes increasingly difficult for him as situations arise in which the deep bonds he has with his friends become stronger and stronger. While Jeremy continues to work through his thoughts, it becomes apparent that there are other forces at play which have a vested interest in his decision. Will he ultimately elect to attend St. Michael’s? Or, will he stay with his friends at Centerville High and attempt to become a local legend?

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