Former Jets, Bucs, Patriots and Chiefs stand out corner Darrelle Revis has announced his retirement at age 33. The all-time great is on his way to Canton. Throughout his 11 years locking down number one receivers, he gave us moments we as the fans will never forget. Here are the top five moments of Revis Island.

5. Revis Picks Off Brady Over Moss

Just one year after Randy Moss defined what is today’s “Moss”, with a jaw-dropping one-handed catch over Revis, Revis caught a “Moss” of his own. It was the first quarter of week two of the 2009 season. First down, the Patriots were in the making of their second scoring drive of the game. Then, Tom Brady messed up.

With pressure coming from Jim Leonhard, Brady chucked up a deep ball to Moss. Normally, a good idea, right? Not on Revis Island. Revis jumps over Moss, and picks it off, getting even with Moss. Revis locked down Moss for that entire game, allowing just four catches for 24 yards.

4. One-Handed Interception Against the Dolphins

Arguably the best play Revis ever made came during the season opener of the 2008 season against the Dolphins. This would have been higher on the list had it been a meaningful game. Still, what a play it was.

The Dolphins were down to their final play, down six with 13 seconds remaining. It was fourth down and the Dolphins were only 18 yards away from the endzone. With nobody open, Chad Pennington lofted it up to Ted Ginn in the back corner of the endzone, where it was just him and Revis. Revis tipped it up, regained control and brought it down one-handed to seal the deal, giving the Jets a 1-0 start to the season.

3. Revis Reels in Picks in Back-to-Back Playoff Games

Revis had arguably the best season ever played by a cornerback in 2009. He led the Jets defense, which finished #1 in the league by a mile, and every receiver to ever cross paths with Revis Island was stranded. And the playoffs didn’t slow him down.

In the wild card round, the Jets faced Carson Palmer and the Cincinnati Bengals. The game was tied in the second quarter, and it was a 3rd down for the Bengals. Palmer looked for Chad Ochocinco, but he was lost on Revis Island. Revis picked off the pass and took it back for 20 yards, setting the Jets up for a drive that would eventually become a 45-yard touchdown pass to Dustin Keller.

The following week, the Jets faced Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. It was the third quarter, the Chargers winning 7-3, and nearing field goal range. The Jets ran a blitz and made Rivers throw a lob to Vincent Jackson while backpedaling. Revis forced the ball out of Jackson’s hands, and the ball was loose in the air. Revis found the ball while on the ground, grabbed it and picked it off. This play possibly saved the game for the Jets, as they won by three to end it, sending them to the AFC Championship game.

2. Revis Goes Endzone-to-Endzone on MNF

Revis brought back three interceptions to the house during his career. There was none like the one against the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football.

It was early in the game, the Jets down 3-0. The Dolphins were in the red zone, approaching their second score of the first quarter. Matt Moore dropped back, looked for a receiver, and found… Revis.

Revis picked off the pass right at the goal line, took it out, cut inside, and he was gone. He ran it back all the way for 100 yards, giving the Jets the lead. This would wind up being Revis’ last pick six of his career.

1. Revis Picks Off Romo for Heartwarming Win

If you ask any New Yorker what play comes to mind when you mention Darrelle Revis, they’ll say the night he picked off Romo. Almost guaranteed. It was just so special, giving NY glory on what was a sad day.

It was the 10-year anniversary of the gruesome 9/11 attacks, and the Jets were playing the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football to open up the season. The game was tied with 50 seconds left, with every fan but Cowboys’ fans rooting for Gang Green to pull it out.

The Cowboys were at their own 40-yard line on 1st and 10, Revis covering Dez Bryant on the outside. Romo rolls out, tries to hit Dez, and Revis picks it off, giving the Jets field goal range to seal the deal. The crowd absolutely erupted. It gives me goosebumps just to think about it.

I could sit here all day listing Revis’ plays, but I decided to choose the five most memorable plays of his career. Myself and the entire FPC Staff thank Revis Island for all the memorable plays he gave us, and wish him the best during retirement.

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