On July 18th, Jets legend Darrelle Revis announced that Revis Island would be closing up shop for good. The seven time Pro-Bowler retired as one of the greatest cornerbacks in NFL history. He’s considered a true lock for the Hall of Fame. It truly is the end of an era, but as Jets fans reminisce on the shutdown corner’s incredible career, it also gives New York a chance to be excited for what’s to come.

The Young Bloods

Without a doubt, the leader of the defense has come in the form of second year safety Jamal Adams. Both he and Marcus Maye were paired together to form a young tandem that has already shown flashes of potential, and could see itself become one of the league’s best in just a few short years. It’s safe to say that this pairing is one on the rise.

The Newcomers

After a few hours of darkness, New York suddenly emerged from its slumber during the first day of free agency. The team snagged former Los Angeles Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson and former Titans’ Linebacker Avery Williamson to help the defense, one that has been coined “New Jack City” by the members of the team, bringing a new name for a new era in New York football. Johnson was one of the league’s most reliable cornerbacks, which allows the Jets’ former top corner Morris Claiborne to focus on the team’s second best receiver.

New Jack City

With the moves that have been made within the last few years, including the first round draft picks of Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, and Darron Lee, the young and improved defense will be on the rise. It has potential to be one of the best in the league once the younger players develop.

New York does still lack a solid pass rusher, totaling just 28 sacks while allowing 47 to their opponents. Things are certainly heading in the right direction, and 2018 could be a very important year when it comes to building team chemistry and developing the young players. While the legacy of Darrelle Revis will not be forgotten, and the level he played at in the 2009-10 seasons was legendary, time moves forward. New York has left behind the times of Darrelle Revis and has ushered in the era of New Jack City.

Only time will tell of what this defense will bring.

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