The Washington Redskins made a significant change to their roster this off-season and today we’re going to dive into how they will fit into the Washington culture, broken up into two sections.

Off-Season Signings:

QB, Alex Smith

About a week before the super bowl, the Redskins and the Chiefs executed a deal that shocked the NFL. With this trade, Kansas City got back a promising young corner and we got back a quarterback that we have needed for years. This deal officially ended the Kirk Cousins era in D.C., and started the Alex Smith era. On paper it’s a great deal, considering Jay Gruden is a quarterback friendly coach and has one of the best third down backs in the league.

Rating: B+

WR, Paul Richardson

In his final year in Seattle, Richardson was the player people saw in him during his draft combine and college play. He’s one of the fastest receivers in the league and will provide major help to Alex Smith. If we’re truly trying to be a contending team, this was a great move. Richardson can be similar to what Tyreek Hill was to Alex Smith.

Rating: A-

CB, Orlando Scandrick

An injury plagued couple of last years with the Cowboys, the Redskins saw a guy that could be a leader on and off the field. He can be a good lock down corner, if healthy. I don’t expect him to be what he was in Dallas, but if he can be close to what he was, that would be a massive help. With Breeland our the door, this was a no brainer and the skins made a low risk, high reward sign. I don’t expect him to start day one, but you have to remember, he’s 31.

Rating: B-

LB, Pernell McPhee

After signing a big deal in free agency, McPhee was anything but successful in Chicago. The Redskins signed him to a very friendly deal for the team, with loads of potential to help the defense. If Ryan Anderson still isn’t ready, expect to see more of McPhee on day one. For now, he will be help as a third down guy.

Rating: B

2018 Draft Picks:

DT, Da’ron Payne

In the first round of the draft, the Redskins had a flashy pick, with Derwin James on the board. To most people’s delight the Redskins grabbed the safe pick, in Alabama’s Da’ron Payne. He is a big lineman with the strength and athleticism to have an impact in his rookie year. Expect him to start on day one.

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Rating: B+

RB, Derrius Guice

This was easily the fans favorite choice of the draft and I think it was an amazing pick. Any doubts about “personality problems” has been silenced this summer. He’s been great in the community and will be a stud on the field. Guice easily could be the best back out of this draft class, with stats better than Saquon in college. Sure, Barkley may look better on paper, but during his tenure he was always a little banged up. Guice was consistently suited up for gameday and produced like a first round talent. Expect rookie of the year type numbers for Guice.

Rating: A+

LT, Geron Christian

Christian could pay off to be a great tackle in the future, but he’s not ready to play meaningful downs yet, at a consistent level. I’ve seen him play live, he’s a big,  strong tackle that will be ready in years to come. He could very well be the Trent Williams replacement.

Rating: C+

S, Troy Apke

Apke is an athletic freak, running one of the best times in the combine this year. In his rookie season, expect a lot of spectacular plays on special teams.

Rating: B

DT, Tim Settle

What a pick, Settle was a projected second round pick in some mock drafts, but plummeted into the 5th round. If our draft couldn’t have gotten better, it did. I also got to see Settle live, he’s a load to deal with on the line. His size is deceiving, he is a little faster than some would think. Expect good playing time in his rookie year.

Rating: A-

LB, Shaun Dion Hamilton

His last two years at Alabama were extremely injury plagued, but in the sixth round it’s worth a shot. The Alabama picks keep rolling in.

Rating: C

CB, Greg Stroman

At Virginia Tech, Stroman was an average corner, but great on special teams. That will most likely be his role.

Rating: B

WR, Trey Quinn

Anything but Mr. Irrelevant, Quinn is seen to possibly play some in his rookie year. He’s a fantastic route runner and could maybe one day be similar to Julian Edelman.

Overall off-season grade: B+








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