The Falcons announced the extension of head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff on Wednesday. This extension keeps them together through the 2022 season.

Certainly seems like a good idea to keep the head of the brotherhood together. The two have built a foundation that has gone 29-19 since Quinn’s arrival in 2015. Let’s not forget about the historic 2016 season. Leading the Falcons to the Super Bowl in year two of Dan Quinn’s current tenure.

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“The partnership between Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff has proven to be as successful as we envisioned back in 2015.” said owner Arthur Blank in his latest news release.” I believe continuity in leadership is vital to achieving the highest levels of success in any organization and, with these extensions, we ensure these two leaders will be at the helm of our franchise for years to come.”

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Dimitroff who is entering his 11th season as the Falcons general manager has solidified himself as a solid talent evaluator. Quinn, who is primarily a player developer has established and groomed 16 starters that were either drafted or signed by the Falcons since 2016. The two work very well as a team and understand exactly what they’re looking for as a team.

Dimitroff commented in the press release, “I couldn’t ask for a better co-team builder to be partnered with than Dan”. “I am appreciative of the support and confidence that Arthur continues to show us as we strive to bring a championship to this city and our fans. I am excited about where our team is currently as well as the outlook we have for the foreseeable future.”

The extension gives the duo the keys to the brotherhood for a few more years as they strive for that Super Bowl. Perhaps this will be the year they raise the Lombardi, not only for the first time but in their own house!

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