December 10th, 2018. The Philadelphia Eagles were in a clash with the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams were steamrolling the competition as the Eagles were 10-2 and the Rams were 9-3. The Eagles had star quarterback Carson Wentz and the Rams had one themselves in Jared Goff.

Each team came out the gun shooting as there were a combined 38 points at halftime. Eagles were on top, 24-14. Then near the end of the third quarter, the Eagles season changed before their eyes. Carson Wentz saw a hole to the end zone and he was going to try doing whatever in his power to get there. That ended up being a big mistake. MVP-favorite Carson Wentz ended up tearing both, his ACL and LCL. Even though he was able to finish that drive and throw a touchdown, the Eagles Super Bowl dreams looked to went down the drain.

That proved to be wrong as Nick Foles would lead the Eagles to a statement victory over the Rams that day and later the Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl in Eagles history was won by a backup quarterback and not the star everyone would’ve thought have won it.

Fast forward to now. The Eagles have just begun training camp and the Eagles announced Wentz will not be put on the physically unable to perform list. That could always change but that is some encouraging news. But it is not unexpected. Wentz has repeatedly said all season that he will be ready for the start of next season. That gave Eagles fans some relief but it is worth it for the Eagles to just go off his word?

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The Verdict

The Eagles are in the best position they have ever been in the franchise’s history. Coming off a Super Bowl, the team getting better, and having a star franchise quarterback. How can life get any better for the Eagles? Well, more Super Bowls would but lets take it one Super Bowl at a time right now. But if the Birds want more Super Bowls in their near future, they have to keep in mind the health of their franchise quarterback. This means they have to sit Wentz until he is 110 percent healthy. If that means to not play him until mid-season, so be it. The Eagles have the luxury of having a backup quarterback in Nick Foles. He has the skills to start for a couple of other NFL teams right now.

The Eagles cannot be like their Philly counterpart in the Sixers. They let star player Joel Embiid decide when he can play in his rookie year and that ended up screwing them over. Embiid ended up tearing his meniscus and missing the rest of that season.

Wentz will most likely be ready at the latest, week five. My prediction is that he will come back to play week three against the Colts but I would be ok with four games missed if that’s what it comes to.

Nick Foles has the ability to have this team undefeated through the first games. There is no need to have anything less than a 100 percent Wentz out there.

Also, this should be known that there will be no quarterback controversy if Wentz comes out the gates slow. He is the franchise quarterback and there is no doubt about that.

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