Year Three Looms Large for Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Corey Coleman

The 1st round pick in 2016 could be playing for his NFL career in 2018

Corey Coleman
Source: Scott Piker

Corey Coleman knows how much the 2018 season is for his future with the Cleveland Browns. Injuries aside, the first round pick of the Browns in 2016 has not lived up to the expectations of a top 20 draft pick.

“Going into my third year, it is time to take a big step,” Coleman said on day one of training camp Thursday afternoon. I feel like it is important.”

“He is competing,” head coach Hue Jackson said following the first training camp practice Thursday afternoon. “He is accounted for and has been working hard. That is all you can do. So all Corey can do is do his job. Do his job and what he is supposed to do, and the rest will take care of itself.”

In his first two seasons wearing the number 19 Browns uniform, the former Baylor Bears standout is remembered for only one play, the fourth down pass in week 17 in Pittsburgh. Due to Coleman not making that catch, the Browns lost to the Steelers and became the second team to go 0-16.

“We have talked about it, but it is behind him,” Jackson said. “There are some really good players that have played in this league that have dropped some very critical balls at very critical times. You do not want that to happen, but hopefully, he will grow from that and learn from that.”

The addition of Jarvis Landry could take some pressure off Coleman in 2018. However, the absence of Josh Gordon elevates Coleman to the number two wide receiver. The addition of Landry is already helping Coleman learn more about being an NFL wide receiver.

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“I am excited we got him,” Coleman said. “Jarvis is a great dude for the younger guys too, even for me. He is teaching people, he is always happy and stuff. He wants everyone in the room to get better.”

“I think that Corey is into Year 3 of his professional career,” Jackson said. “He knows that it is time for him to play better and to make plays for the organization. He did some good things today. It was good to see him fight through a lot. So that was good to see.”

So far, Coleman has been injury free and working hard to improve his game. Therefore it’s just what the Browns have asked for out of their top pick from 2016.

“I feel a lot better, so I put in a lot of work. I am super confident.”

Scott Piker is the Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Browns.

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