The Buffalo Bills training camp is back in session and the season will shortly arrive for the NFL universe. Battles are occurring, every Bills fan is watching the mystery quarterback competition and some players are just fighting for a roster spot. The list of players of who are just trying make the cut goes from veterans to undrafted free agents.

A draft pick who was drafted under Doug Whaley remains on the roster. Defensive tackle Adolphus Washington was drafted in the third round in 2016 and has yet to make the slightest impact for the team. Going into his third season, he might be on the shortest leash on the team. The lack of production on a Sean McDermott team is unacceptable. There was hopeful potential in Washington coming out of Ohio State but it has been nothing but a disappointment.

Along with Shaq Lawson, Washington could be receiving a pink slip from the organization. I was surprised that Washington has not been released at some point in the offseason. It most likely has to do with the still-lack of depth at defensive tackle. Although, what is the difference between not having an extra big guy and having one that has yet to make one eye-opening play in the NFL? Or at the very least, stay consistent.

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In his two seasons, Washington has 3.5 sacks and 34 total tackles. Top defensive linemen in the league have these numbers in early-to-mid season. I know that Washington has not been given many chances, but the opportunities that are handed to him have been a let down. With the team bringing in more depth in the trenches, including a talented and physical Harrison Phillips, Washington has a lot to prove to the coaching staff and training camp has not been friendly with him so far.

Failing to become a run-stopper in the middle last season, he should be moved back to a three technique on the defensive line.

He has yet to win a one-on-one competition against an offensive linemen in camp and now he could be in danger of losing a spot on the roster in 2018. Washington is in a “make or break” training camp and he could be out of the process that is trying to be built in Buffalo.


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