Jimmy and Dee Haslam Remain Confident with Head Coach Hue Jackson

Cleveland Browns Head Coach is 1-31 Record in Two Seasons

Hue Jackson
Source: Scott Piker

Hue Jackson is all smiles right now. However, he is 1-31 in two seasons as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. The lone victory took place in 2016. As the head coach of just the second team to go 0-16 in an NFL season, how is he still employed?

To say Jackson is on the hot seat in 2018 would be an understatement. If the Browns get off to another slow start this season, could owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam make an in-season coaching change? After meeting the media before day three of training camp, the owners don’t see that happening as of now.

The Haslams did the exact opposite and gave a ringing endorsement for coach Jackson. Multiple changes to the roster and the coaching staff is a reason. Of course we know what tends to happen when an owner says he supports a coach who is on the hot seat. The coach loses his job sometime in the not to distant future.

“I think we will see the real Hue Jackson,” Jimmy Haslam said. “I think you have heard me say this a several of times, you have to give Hue credit for bringing in (offensive coordinator) Todd Haley, which I think will allow Hue to be the head coach. I think this will be the first opportunity Hue will have to do what we know he can do as head coach as a leader. Even though Todd will be calling all of the shots on offense, I think Hue will obviously have some impact there like he will defense. We are excited to see it.”

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Jackson appreciates the support, but understands there is a lot of work to do. Winning some football games will go along way toward remain on the Browns’ sideline.

“First of all, I want to thank Dee and Jimmy for saying that,” Jackson said. “As I said all last year, I felt like I had their full support. They were always in communication with me, and I thank them for that. I am glad that they feel that way. My job is to go out and coach this football team and get them better. We have to do it better than we have ever done it since I have been here. We have some players that I think are going to make a difference. But at the same time, it is all talk right now. We have to go do it. We have to keep working. I do thank them for that.”

Will the positive vibes last through the 2018 season? Only time and wins will tell.

Scott Piker is the Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Browns.

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