No one will ever accuse Mike Vrabel of being Bill Belichick.  Vrabel is much more friendly to the media and open with information.  However, there are certainly traces of Bill Belichick in Vrabel’s coaching philosophy and his approach to the game.  This was obvious in Vrabel’s press conference following today’s practice.  Vrabel is a high-intensity coach that values hard work and believes competition brings out the best in his players.  Here are some key takeaways from Vrabel’s press conference.

Rest Easy, Corey Davis Is Fine

Today’s absence from camp made some Titans fans panic, and for good reason, given Davis’ injuries last season.  Coach Vrabel insisted early in the conference that Davis’ absence was by design.  Vrabel doesn’t want to wear the tread off of Davis’ tires.  He even emphasized that the team needs Corey Davis to help make the offense go.  Look for more scheduled days off going forward.

Malcolm Butler Really Standing Out At Camp

Coach Vrabel couldn’t say enough good things about Malcolm Butler when asked about him today.  Butler brings it every day in camp and has been pushing Davis in every rep.  Vrabel described Butler as a great football player who really sets the tempo and makes his presence felt on the field.  Perhaps the highest praise Vrabel offered Butler was when Vrabel called Butler a third starter in the secondary.  Vrabel clearly has high praise for the Titans secondary as a unit.

A Couple Of Players And Notes To Watch Going Forward

Undrafted wide receiver, Darius Jennings, has really been impressing coaches and quarterbacks with his efforts.  Jennings has really stood out from the rest of the receivers competing for a roster spot with his crisp, precise route running.  Keep an eye on Jennings as an interesting storyline moving forward.

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Competition extends far beyond the gridiron according to Vrabel.  When discussing Jonnu Smith and Derrick Henry a particular twinkle came to his eye and a grin flashed across his face.   This offseason has been an all-out weight room war between both and it clearly has Vrabel excited.  Vrabel loves the camaraderie being displayed as Smith is working to get back to playing shape from his knee injury last season.

Vrabel had no update on Rashaan Evans as he missed practice today after leaving practice early with an apparent injury Saturday.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious and the Titans training staff is being cautious with the 2018 first round pick.


Vrabel is looking forward to another good day of practice tomorrow before giving everyone a day off Tuesday.  Keep an eye on all of the exciting camp battles as the preseason is rapidly approaching.


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