If you coach under Jon Gruden, the pressure already exists. With that said, looking at the staff, pressure is building from every angle and direction. The Raiders need to prove that 2017 was nothing more than an ending to a mediocre staff. Moreover, the coaches need to withstand the scathing heat from the head coach. As a result, FPC writers Aspuria, Biggs, and Richards detail the coach with the most pressure


Ray Aspuria

Paul Guenther. The Oakland Raiders defense has historically been bad, rarely reaching the mediocre mark. Guenther’s defense has never ranks lower than league average during his tenure as defensive coordinator. In addition, that could change in Oakland. If he can orchestrate a defense that ranks in the middle of the pack to top 10, that would be a tremendous feat.

Terrance Biggs

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When the Raiders hired Tom Cable, which raised red flags for me. First, Cable left Oakland under the cloud of workplace and domestic violence. Who needs that headache surrounding their team? Next, although Cable help guide Seattle to a title, his offensive line lacked consistency. Russell Wilson ran for his life on more than one occasion. With Derek Carr missing time over the last two seasons due to injury, Cable must cobble together a tackle tandem to protect the perimeter. In addition, the AFC West does Cable no favors. Miller, Bosa, and Houston eagerly wait whatever tackle combination that the Raiders feature. Tom Cable’s success would go far in helping the Raiders return to the playoffs.

Grant Richards

Every coach deals with a certain level of pressure. As the media has very clearly portrayed, Jon Gruden is dealing with more pressure than any other coach on the Oakland Raiders. While Gruden maintains the role of “media lightning rod” (by choice or not) the other coaches must also be feeling the heat. The coach who should be feeling the most pressure other than Gruden must be defensive backs coach Derrick Ansley. Since the departure of Charles Woodson, the Raiders’ defensive back core has been mediocre at best. If Ansley can just improve defense on deep throws, the Raiders will immediately notice the difference. However, if the Raiders do not improve in that aspect, Ansley could find himself on a very hot seat.

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