Training camp is upon us once again. It is challenging for many, not just the players, management or coaching staff (Wayne’s world dream entry sound affects made by yours truly inserted here with zero realty attempted…if you want real sound affects its Police Academy movies with that genius Winslow you want. I waive my arms like Garth or Wayne in a squiggly dream entry style resembling old tv dream segments) making said fan become relevant at training camp in an un explained dumb humor attempted effort. It’s time to go to work as diehard fans squeezing in many fantasy drafts, visit a practice at St. John Fisher, maybe two if possible and of course take in a pre-season game locally. On a good year a preseason road trip could be glorious. Time to step on the scale, Bills fans.  Finding oneself making the “look out for the gun show” comment while flexing a muscle in Ron Burgundy fashion or even using that way wicked cool expression if someone looks or comments at your beer gut responding “paid for in full” or quoting some dollar amount ridiculously exaggerated, being what you spent feeding and building up a beer gut. Meanwhile someone at the dinner table is chanting “Hercules, Hercules, Hercules” clapping like a simpleton at a clown show.  Yes, a nutty professor clap and chant after the entire family passes gas at the dinner table reference. Yes, multiple movie refences and a famous 1980’s quote used as a wicked come-back, if being teased about being a bit rotund in appearance. Totally rad Big Time. “As if”…. alright… I am forcing this. ready, set and …go.

Now the assault on one’s lack of conditioning will be worsened if you continue to have other food and drinking dominated events coming. With as active as Coach McDermott and General Manager, Mr. Beane have been in sending players away by trade or releasing them in just one-year. Snap in to a slim jim, really a slim fast. Not too many players are lock-ins. Being a tad heavy could be the tie breaker between two players on which one of two individuals are being cut. Beane also is a general manager who has constant pro scouting activity in place and is not afraid to make moves throughout the season we learned last year. The very talented players could find themselves traded either if they are not a fit, they were trending towards not be able to get them signed. Those players who have trade value that are circling the airport of free agency waiting for clearance to land, have proven to be traded while actually get a decent return for them. Then there’s the players that are not a fit for the team or position that they would be inserted to play, but not pure talent worth anything significant in return, on the trade market, will ultimately end up released by the team as not many contracts are guaranteed in the NFL, although A couple quarterbacks have been working towards changing that. Beane does not stop attempting to upgrade the team once the season is kicked off. A relentless drive for amelioration one could say. He aggressively searches and brings in talent all year for work outs or interviews and eventually a signing.

Shaq Lawson would be an example of the pure talent/athlete who could wear out his welcome, although signs so far, he has really showing all signs he stepped up his physical and mental preparation for training camp. Knowing that someone being a first round selection as he was, may have already received above average leash length. Being a Doug Whaley/Rex Ryan pick could result in him being traded as his upside based on talent and athletic ability gives him some kind of trade value.

I would say an example of a player straight out being cut from the roster could be, not hoping for, but Lorenzo Alexander.  He had a great season and a good season at an advanced age in football years.  He has embraced the leadership role and is very active in the community as well as giving his time being on radio shows I would not hope for him to be cut but could see a younger cheaper player to jump in and maybe physically offering more for less. No one would trade for Alexander at this point of time, but he is the kind of player a team competing and lacks leadership would snatched in a second for a one-year free agency veteran minimum signing.

With so many questions at the wide receiving positions, I see no one being of trade value except Kelvin Benjamin.  All others could be cut either lacking experience or the veterans because some youth shows up wowing management. Zay Jones is listed as a non-football injury. His chances are not done yet, but he is certainly trending towards it.

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Those players think they have it tough. Kyle Williams, Brian Moorman, Fred Jackson, no coaches of GM’s played, coached or managed the Bills for the 18-year playoff draught.  I held the same position as fan far longer than the drought and so did you. Being an unconditional fan is no Marv Levy training camp.

Monday morning quarterbacks, armchair quarterbacks, talkers  You talk the talk like I do and then you proceed to still talk the talk. No walking to support my spin on things. The safest thing for me to do when I start to get stuck in the current panicking in doggy paddle basic instincts is simply bail out, grab a branch accepting no super hero is watching waiting to swoop in for the rescue. 

Things We Know About The Buffalo Bills This Week:

  • Josh Allen had a good day signing his rookie contract which hopefully is the first of a careers worth of contracts. If that were the case it would imply that he was having a very successful career for the highest quarterback, the Bills have every drafted.  It has been reported that he had a very nice day at camp this week outside of Rochester, New York. He certainly has made a couple throws that it clearly obvious he is the only one who would even attempt the throw currently on the roster. I had to be crystal clear here because Ryan Fitzpatrick would lock his eyes and head on that receiver, get his footwork set and fire a gunslinger mentality throw all of the way across the field.  Of course, if he was not sacked for a fumble and got the ball out using his football smarts Fitz would have tossed a competitive pick six at an inopportune time basically bursting any bubble of hope for that game. 
  • The next highest drafted Buffalo quarterback who is a legend in Buffalo, a hall of famer out of the famous quarterback draft of 1983 completed his three for three sweeps of his diagnosis of oral cancer. Kelly tough is not just a fancy slogan for t-shirts. Some of the most respected football coaches and players always reference his career and he is called tough.  When he falls down, he may need help getting back up like anyone else would.  The main point is that h does gate back up when others would have quit a long time ago. For those who reference that he refused to come to Buffalo after being drafted and spent time in the USFL and had some immature arrogant situations earl on when arriving in Buffalo, he was a kid. The fact that he put Buffalo on the map after the mid 80’s back to back two and 14 seasons and was a pure leader in all areas says it all.  He had built the dream house in Virginia to retire in. They talked about if of a very long time. But even post retirement and taking acre of his son Hunters final years and days, he was a Buffalonian through and through. The fact that he originally had that attitude or view of the Queen city makes it even a more appreciated story that he lives here. He, like many pro athletes and coaches, hated the thought of coming here and when it was all said and done he could not leave or would have been homesick.  
  • LeSean McCoy at times looked like the best overall football player on the field with him at 30 years old and plenty of distractions that could impact his preparation. He is just so superior of an athlete and that really show at times when he is not being game planned against. 
  • The Bills announced the signing of defensive end, Ryan Russell. Russell was drafted by the Cowboys in the fifth round, with selection number 163, in 2015. He moved on from Dallas and signed to the Buccaneers practice squad. He eventually graduated from the practice squad to the 53-man roster. He is 6-foot-5 weighing 273 pounds. 


-Scott Bryk is a contributing writer for Full Press Coverage who covers the Buffalo Bills. Follow him on Twitter at @skotbrick1970 and @FPC_Bills for Bills coverage. 

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