New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. finally broke his silence Saturday. He spoke about being back, what he missed the most, and his contract situation.

On how it’s going so far: “Honestly, it’s just great to be back out there. You know, I’ve been running routes, running around and I remember nights fallen asleep downstairs and having to crawl three flights of stairs to get to my room, so being able to walk again, to be able to do the little things. I’m very appreciative of being able to be back out there. It’s great to be back out there with the guys. Sterling (Shepard), it’s always good to see him and Saquon (Barkley). Everyone, it’s going to be a good team.”

On why he showed up for training camp when so many other start athletes decided to holdout: “Like I said, after I saw my ankle snap and it feels like your life has turned upside down, life is just different honestly. I’m just happy to be running around and I don’t believe in any of that stuff. They’ll get it done when they get it done. I’ll let my agent figure that out and I’ll just come out here and get all the plays down. It’ll happen when it happens.”

On if he’s optimistic that a contract will get done: “Optimistic. Yeah I’m optimistic, it’ll all work itself out.”

On his thoughts of head coach Pat Shurmur going out to his home in order to build a relationship: “Coach Shurmur is great. When we met out in Los Angeles, we just sat down and talked football and see his mentality and see how he’s going to run the ship. It’s just been phenomenal. It’s like coming to the workplace and you’re loving it. He makes it fun for us and he’s done a great job. He’s got everyone doing what we’re supposed to be doing.”

On if he still wants to be the highest paid receiver: “Of course, of course. Who doesn’t want to get more money. Everyone does. Realistically, you have to be realistic with yourself. You’ve seen what happened in the off-season and I can’t worry about everything else. Just let them figure it out and whenever it happens it happens.”

On if he feels he’s taking a risk by being at training camp: “Calculated, calculated. You know you’re out there and you control your body and we’re practicing. You know these are your teammates and we’re all working together, so there’s no extra pushing and shoving and doing too much. It’s all calculated and like I said, I remember not being able to walk at all, so being able to be on the field and doing what I love, it’s truly an amazing feeling.”

Do you think showing up on time made a difference concerning contract talks?: “I don’t really know how to answer that. I just know to do what you’re supposed to be doing and the rest will take care of itself. Life has a funny way of reminding you who’s in control and it’s done that, so I’m just taking it one day at a time and like I said it will happen when it happens.”

On if he feels like his ankle is back to the way it was before the injury: “I don’t really feel it, but I’m getting close to 100 as I can for right now, so it’s been a long process.”

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On when he felt like he was back to being like himself again: “I’ve been feeling it as I was working out and over the last month I’ve taken a huge stride. I remember about two months ago, it wasn’t as smooth and I wasn’t getting out of cuts and you kind of get that frustration and you want to get back to where you were at, but now that I’m here, like I said, it’s been a lot of hard work. A lot of doctors, lots of treatments, lots of rehab, lot of pain you went through so it’s nice to be here now.”

On his personal goals: “To hang one of those banners up.”

On why he believes this team can be good: “I think it’s everything. Getting all these guys together and I’m looking at the defense moving around and they’re causing problems for us. I watched the offensive line hang out with each other all day everyday. None of them go out to practice without each other and it’s truly incredible what they’ve been doing and made the improvements and the comradeship that they have.

“I just think we have a special group. We have a nice little running back. He’s alright, Saquon, but I’m just looking to have fun this year and coach has made it where you can move around a lot. You can get in the slot, you can get outside and everyone has to know every position. It’s just been a lot of fun.”

On how he got back to thinking positive after such a disastrous season: “Kind of what I was saying earlier about life. I literally watched my world turn up side down. I watched relationships close to me devour and things go wrong and things go sideways and it was a lot of pain that I’ve been through in the last ten months, so just taking it day by day and trying my best to making it my mindset that everyday I wake up to be happy. I’m going to do this right, to do the very best that I can and whatever it is that I was doing just change my mindset and it’s helped me out a lot.”

On the trade rumors: “It’s just noise, rumors. It’s like you never know. I remember I used to say all the time ‘don’t take it personal and stuff’ and I still took things personal and I’ve really gotten that out of my heart to not take anything personal and with doing that, there’s less things I have to worry about, so once you can really put that in your heart to not take it personal, it’s a completely different story.”

On if he has his own deadline on when the contract should happen: “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

On what it’s like to be out there with quarterback Eli Manning after practices: “I need all the work that I can get and I love being out there getting the timing down with 10 (Manning). Like you said being out there with Shepard and little Saquon. It’s just fun and I just want to make it fun again. I just want to play football like I used to and play with that love and that passion and do some great things that I know coach has lined up for us.”

On what he missed the most: “What did I miss the most? You guys. I missed you guys, no really, I love football. Football was always a vice for me it and was always how I could let everything out and just being able to be out on the field, like I said, I remember waking up four in the morning and crawling upstairs to my bed and laughing to myself that it’s going to be a hell of a ride for you to get back to where you were and now I’m here and there’s a lot more for me to do. So Im truly truly thankful that God has put me back out there.”

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