During the offseason, rumors and innuendo will cloud common sense. In reality, common sense becomes less common. For instance, the ever growing thought of the Raiders actually trading Khalil Mack. Granted, the fervor does not appear overwhelming, yet pockets of it exist. Under those circumstances, the need to address it arose. To do so, FPC Raiders writers Aspuria, Zaragoza, and Richards, and Biggs weigh in.


Ray Aspuria

Shenanigans; much ado about nothing. The trade talk regarding Khalil Mack is some Grade-A malarkey. Reggie McKenzie said Mark Davis would can him, if the GM let a player of Mack’s caliber leave. Moreover, Jon Gruden also stated one of the reasons he is back with the Raiders is to coach a player like Mack. Moreover, let us just hypothetically say the Raiders even entertained something so ludicrous. Unless a team is offering up their first and second round picks over the course of 5 years for Mack, it is no dice.

Anthony Zaragoza

Far-fetched. Teams do not trade All-Pro players these days. Especially, homegrown talents like Khalil Mack. At this point, both sides are doing their respected jobs. Mack’s camp tries to gain every single dollar the 2016 Defensive Player of the Year deserves. Similarly, Reggie McKenzie wants to resign Mack to a deal that will not break $25 million a year. Both sides will compromise soon. As a result, the Raiders will retain Mack.

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Grant Richards

I have taken from this nonsense is that the Raiders need to pay Khalil Mack. If the reports of the lack of communication between Mack and Oakland management ring true, I will be baffled. Khalil Mack remains the most explosive, dominant defensive linemen the Raiders have had in years. This situation is atrocious and the only way the Raiders can make it up to Mack at this point is with a blank check.

(Editor’s note: Reggie McKenzie stated in the Athletic that he speaks with Mack’s reps. While Jon Gruden does not speak, the lines of communication remain open).


Terrance Biggs

Stop. If you honestly think the Oakland should trade Khalil Mack, not sure what to tell you. Alternatively, honestly, no elite players, 27 years old leave via trade. What boggles my mind is the sheer foolishness. In an era of hot takes and boredom, we must do better than this. The Raiders play the Lions on Friday. Focus on what actually will occur. Be better.

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