The Falcons have now secured three starters in the defense with a new deal for free safety, Ricardo Allen. Allen signed a $19.5 million three-year contract extension.

Falcons agreed to a $2.194 million second-round restricted-free-agent tender earlier in this offseason.

Allen was drafted out of Purdue in the fifth round as the 147th pick by the Falcons. He has emerged as a key player for the Falcons in the past few seasons. He has started in 45 games and played 2,748 defensive snaps. Last season, he recorded 54 tackles and an interception. Allen played a role in Atlanta’s defense which ended the season in the top 10 for scoring and total defense for 2017.

At the beginning of training camps, Allen told reporters his feelings about the talks of his contract extension.

“If I could write the contract, I would’ve wrote that contract a long time ago,” Allen said.  “…if this is my last year, I’m going to do it to the best I can do.”

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There has been much attention on the financial side of the team this offseason. After the team signed quarterback Matt Ryan to a new $150 million deal, Allen’s extension was expected along with nose tackle Grady Jarrett and left tackle Jake Matthews. Also, most publicly, was the settling of contract talks with star wide receiver Julio Jones. For Jones, the Falcons agreed on a further $2.9 million in the 2018 season with confirmation to renegotiate his contract before the 2019 season.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank reassured Falcons fans and Allen speaking to ESPN shortly before his contract was agreed upon.

“He’s part of our family and represents the best of everything we’re about on the field, off the field.” Blank said. “He’s another one of these guys that will be a Falcon for life.” #RiseUp

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