August 9th, the start of Colts football and the Colts head to Seattle to take on the Seahawks! To start the excitement for the 2018 season I’m going over the three biggest things to watch come Thursday.

First thing first, what everyone wants to see, franchise quarterback Andrew Luck as he makes his historic return to the field. After an assumed but failed return to playing during the Colts 2017 losing campaign Luck is guaranteed by new head coach Frank Reich and GM Chris Ballard as Luck is reported to “play for roughly a quarter.” Besides how Andrew Luck plays overall, we should also pay attention to the connections between not only the returning wide receivers but also the new rookies and free agent Ryan Grant but also how he is able to evade pressure especially with starting lineman Anthony Castanzo injured recently.

The linebacking core and secondary is a struggle point that has been made clear to the entire league as the Colts weakest point on the team. With competition for the starting spots wide open, look for any linebackers like UDFA Skai Moore or cornerbacks like Kenny Moore to make good plays to earn a starting spot before week two of the preseason.

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With Chuck Pagano, there was much questionable offensive play calling and challenges, new head coach Frank Reich was brought in for many things including fixing those problems. The 2017 Eagles had an amazingly diverse playbook so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a wider field of play calling from coach Reich. As for on defense, new DC Matt Eberfus brought with him a whole new scheme so I personally can guarantee that there will be huge changes to the defensive play calling especially against a sneaky Russell Wilson.

I hope I was able to give you a few key things to look for come Thursday night!

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