Paul Pogba has been the subject of plenty of transfer speculation over the last few days. The Manchester United star has been linked with moves to powerhouses Juventus (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) after a fantastic World Cup campaign in Russia.

Offers have been thrown at United by these clubs to acquire Pogba which would be considered low-ball offers for the standard of player Pogba is. And since, United have made it very clear to the footballing world that they will not be selling their 89 million pound star midfielder to be able to heavily compete for a title in the world’s toughest league.

But, what sort of qualities would a United team without Pogba lose if he was to be transferred away from Old Trafford? Lets look into this a little bit further.

Loss Of Creativity

Pogba is the key man in midfield for United. A lot of the attacking and movement stems from Pogba’s power, ability on the ball and the ability to get forward and be a playmaker for his other attacking options. Last season in what was supposedly a ‘quiet and underwhelming’ season, Pogba led United in the assist column registering 10 assists on the season. That was a five-way tie for fifth best in the entire league.

Pogba’s ability to get forward, play key balls and make the right decision more times than not in the attacking third would be sorely missed by a United team that already lacks the creative capabilities that Pogba possesses in midfield. Fred is a nice acquisition during this transfer window, but he lacks Pogba’s size and power.

If Pogba was to leave, United would lose their best creator on the season. United are already heavily criticized for their attacking or lack of especially against the big clubs. Losing Pogba would be a huge step in the wrong direction in being able to compete for a Premier League title in the now and going forward.

The Skill And Flair From Midfield Is Gone

Watching Pogba play at his very best is like watching a sunset on a lovely summer’s night, beautiful and exquisite. Every time Pogba is on the ball, you expect something brilliant is about to happen. Whether it’s a darting run through midfield. Playing a key through-ball. Controlling the ball like it’s on a string and making a mockery of his direct opponent. Or even playing one of his new trademark on-point cross-field balls to switch the play. Pogba brings a sort of flair and entertainment that puts bottoms on seats. The reason? He makes United fantastic to watch when he’s in full flight.

With Pogba gone, United lose their flair and therefore lose a player that the rest of the team builds around. Pogba is the type of player other players feel comfortable with every time the ball is at his feet. They also lose their most entertaining player on and off the field. They would lose the ability that very few players in the world possess, which Pogba currently has.

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If Pogba wasn’t around, the team wouldn’t function anywhere near to the capacity of what is expected of a United team. Sure, they have the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Marcus Rashford and Alexis Sanchez. They are all creative in their own sense. However, Pogba is something else. He brings the sort of game that make United enjoyable to watch worldwide.

United Lose A Match-Winning Talent

After a brilliant World Cup as a whole, French teammate N’Golo Kante hailed Pogba as a “match winner” and “a great professional”. Words like that from teammates are sure to push Pogba on to achieve more at a club level. Hopefully he can also further mature into a leader on the field.

Pogba’s decisiveness with the ball at his feet and technical ability to break a game open by sheer force and power make Pogba the player he is and arguably one of the world’s best midfielders. It may be a sublime pass, a big run forward taking on defenders or a big time goal. Pogba is a player that can win any team a match off his own boot. Those match winning moments are clear to see. His performance last season against Manchester City away at the Etihad Stadium. His two goals sealed a 3-2 comeback win. Another example is his performance in the World Cup Final. Then he produced two moments of magic. The great through ball to Kylian Mbappe to set up a goal. Netting his only goal of the tournament to seal France’s 4-2 World Cup victory.

If Pogba was to leave, United don’t have another player coming in from midfield that possesses those match-winning traits and be an intimidating factor going forward. They have very good players in their own right and very talented footballers. When the game is on the line and you are looking for a man to take the game by the scruff of the neck and take control, those players do not possess the power and ability that Pogba brings to any game that can win you a football game.

Final Word

With those points in mind, it’s clear that Manchester United will not sell Pogba anytime soon. They simply cannot afford to lose a player like him if they are going to compete for a Premier League title against the likes of cross-town rivals Manchester City and the up and coming Liverpool.

Pogba is simply way too important to what the team are trying to accomplish going forward. The talent and technical abilities he brings to United are basically irreplaceable. He is a man you want on your team when the game is on the line and there to be won.

It’s now up to United to keep Pogba happy and retain him for as long as they can. If they can do that and sufficiently keep building a strong team around him, United will compete for plenty of titles now and going forward.

Losing Pogba means United would have to basically re-shape their entire squad from scratch and start again to find a player that can bring the qualities and abilities that he owns because this team is currently being built to support what he brings to the table, and that’s not what a team like United needs if they are to win Premier League title number 21 any time soon.





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