The Atlanta Falcons have a dynamic offense, but the media doesn’t highlight their two-headed monster enough. Devonta Freeman also known as Free, and Tevin Coleman also known as Teco are the real deal. The combination of Freeman and Coleman is what separates the Atlanta Falcons offense from every other offense in the National Football League.

Having a two-headed monster in your backfield allows your offense to be balanced, and very unpredictable on what you’re going to do. Defenses can’t sit back and play coverage to stop Julio and the passing game, and they definitely can’t load up the box to stop the run. Leaving Julio Jones one on one will get you burned, everyone knows that. Freeman and Coleman will never see an eight-man box, so that allows them to be matched up with linebackers and safeties. That is a matchup nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators. I’m going to highlight, and go in-depth on the two-headed monster starting with Freeman.

Devonta Freeman

Freeman was taken in the fourth round in the 2014 draft out of Florida State University. Safe to say that was a steal by the Falcons. Devonta didn’t take long to prove and show the coaches that he could be the starting running back for the Falcons. When he got his opportunities he ran with it literally and figuratively. Freeman is 5’9 on a good day, but boy he is a load to tackle. It is very rare that you will see Freeman go down on the first hit. That’s huge if you want to be a star running back in the National Football Leauge. You can’t let the first guy get you down. The guys up front can’t block everybody on every play, and it makes their job so much easier when they know their blocking for a guy who will always break a tackle or two.

Another great trait that Devonta shows is his patience. He always allows the play and his blocks to develop for him before he bursts through a hole. Freeman’s vision as a running back is elite, its like he has eyes all around him. The last trait that has impressed me so much with Devonta is that he’s a team-first guy. Freeman is a great guy, and it shows in practice, in the locker room, and we also see it every Sunday. Every touchdown Freeman scores he lets his offensive lineman spike the ball and celebrates with them because he knows he didn’t just score alone. Being a great teammate, being a team player, and realizing no one is bigger then the team is a lost art in today’s National Football Leauge.

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Everyone wants to be the main guy, the “STAR” in today’s game. That’s not  Devonta Freeman’s mentality, he’s so unselfish. He wants all his running back brothers to eat. Freeman doesn’t care if he scores the winning touchdown, or if one of his running back brothers do. All Freeman cares about is winning. A lot of players say they want to win, but don’t do the small things it takes to win. Freeman is also a great mentor to rookies because he’s so unselfish, and knows that helping the young guys on the team can only help the team improve. That’s what separates him from a lot of elite running backs like Bell or Gurley. Freeman’s willingness to share the spotlight maximizes the chances of winning. The Atlanta Falcons best players Matt Ryan, Jones and Freeman are so unselfish which makes buying into the brotherhood easier.

Tevin Coleman

Tevin Coleman is a dog, a flat-out warrior. Drafted in the third round in the 2015 draft out of Indiana University. Yet another great find for the Falcons front office. Tevin could be a starter for a hand full of teams in the National Football Leauge and could be a bell cow for a winning team. Which is why the Falcons insured themselves when they drafted Ito Smith in the fourth round of last years draft. Just in case they couldn’t sign Tevin  Coleman this offseason. You can’t even blame Tevin if he wants to be a starter, and be paid like one.

Tevin is an all-around balanced running back. His blocking is good. Coleman’s route running is great for a running back, he runs routes like a wideout. His hands are exceptional, and it is very rare that you see Tevin fumble or drop the rock. Coleman’s vision is second to none, he’s explosive enough to outrun a linebacker and quick enough to get past safeties. Coleman’s biggest strength is that he’s a north and south runner. He is not one of those running backs who like to dance and play with you in the backfield. That trait makes him so important to the Falcons on short yardage and goal-line situations. If the Falcons need a yard and are on the goal line, Coleman can pick it up. Combine his north and south running with Devontae Freeman’s elusiveness and shiftiness you have a scary two-headed monster.

Expect these two Running backs to combine for more than 20+ touchdowns this season and Freeman to go over 1000 yards this season. This would be Freeman’s third time in five years that he has rushed for over 1000 yards. Coleman will be right there himself. He likely won’t have anything less than 800 yards for sure. These two will be clutch for the Falcons for many years to come, but they have to keep them together. They are just getting started.

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