Packers preseason football is here! This article will outline my in-game thoughts live during the action tonight. I will provide all key plays and quarter summaries. Be sure to check out additional coverage over @FPC_Packers!

by Frank Bonincontri


Key Plays First Quarter

(in order)

  • 4 yard touchdown by Titans WR Jennings (7-0)
  • B. Hundley a 48 yard pass to Adams, down at 6 yard line
  • RB Williams 8 yard TD catch & run (7-7)

First Quarter Summary

In his opening drive, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota throws a nice touch pass (38 yards) to outside receiver Nick Williams beating coverage by Packers DB Rollins, he seemed to go under the route and whiffed, it helped continue a nice drive by the Titans ending in a four yard touchdown pass. Defense looked good against the Titans run calls in the red zone. Brett Hundley opens up Packers first drive with nice short pass to Adams who puts some nice moves on defenders.

Both starting tackles are out, Packers going with Byron Bell and Kyle Murphy. McCarthy calling plays accordingly, good opening script to start game with designed rollouts, quick passes and some runs to establish rhythm. The drive ends with a nice run after catch by running back Williams, but ultimately was set up by a nice 48 yard pass to to Adams down the sideline. Rookie defensive back Josh Jackson looked great in coverage.

Key Plays Quarter 2

  • R.¬†Succop 23 yard field goal (10-7)
  • Brett Hundley interception returned for 3 yards (Brown)
  • 4th & Goal pass attempt defended by Titans

Second Quarter Summary

Reggie Gilbert and Oren Burks showing nice speed and effort on defense. Good coverage in the redzone on opening Titans drive, holds them to field goal. There were too many penalties on defense for the quarter. Hundley was under pressure getting tackled, throws up an interception. Jamaal Williams looked decisive running the ball and catching, making his case to start in the running back committee. DeShone Kizer entered mid quarter and showed some nice scramble ability.

Offensive line is having trouble blocking the Titans pass rush. Right tackle Byron Bell is not having a good night. Kizer put together a nice drive considering he was under constant pressure, however, walked away with nothing to show for it after getting shut down on fourth down to end the quarter. Justin McCray was at right guard the entire half. Linebacker Reggie Gilbert really pushing hard all half but no sacks to show for it.

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Key Plays Quarter 3

  • 51 yard catch from Marquez Valdez-Scantling
  • 3 yard touchdown run by Bouagnon (14-10)

Third Quarter Summary

Quarter opens with Packers playing out of their own end zone. Kizer still under constant pressure but making the throws needed to keep the chains moving. Right side of line is having issues picking up the blitz and blocking ends but Kizer overcomes and puts together 15 play, 90 yard, 7:45 drive. Safety Josh Jones walks to the locker room middle of quarter, hopefully nothing serious, concussion possible. Quarterback Tim Boyle enters game mid quarter and misses out on a huge throw downfield to J’Mon Moore that would have went to the house. However, Moore couldn’t secure the catch. Boyle looks comfortable in the pocket and in the huddle.

Key Plays Quarter 4

  • Forced fumble by Packers K. Donnerson, recovered by LB Vince Biegel
  • 41 yards field goal by Crosby (17-10)
  • 15 yard touchdown by Packers Valdes-Scantling (24-10)
  • 52 yard touchdown by J. Kumerow (31-10)
  • 9 yard touchdown to Titans receiver T. Semisch (31-17)

Fourth Quarter Summary

Packers open fourth quarter with nice strip and fumble recovery by linebacker V. Biegel, the first Biegel sighting tonight. Teams getting a little sloppy, offense looking sluggish. Rookie punter J.K. Scott with some nice kicks all game, 5 second hang times, 52 yard punt and 41.5 average. Boyle has looked accurate, willing to stand in the pocket and absorb a big hit in order to deliver the football. He’s able to put together a nice 12 play, 85 yard drive for a score with receivers Marquez Valdes-Scantling and St. Brown making some nice explosive plays. Boyle getting a rhythm going. Wide receiver J’Mon Moore having trouble securing catches.

Game Summary

Preseason game one is in the books. I was very impressed with Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown and can see the team’s vision in drafting them this year. Speed and size are back in Green Bay. A new defense is being installed and looked to be typical vanilla playcalling with a few designed pressures mixed in. The defensive wrinkles have been visible in camp but won’t be showcased until the season officially begins.

A very quarterback friendly opening game script was clearly visible, designed to get Brett Hundley into a rhythm and he was able to put together a few drives and a touchdown. I was glad to see Kizer make the most of his opportunity as well. While not explosive, he was under constant pressure but did put together some nice long drives and did not get rattled. Overall, the Packers walked away relatively healthy but keep an eye on safety Josh Jones. Possibly concussed, he may go into the black hole of concussion protocol.



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