Hue Jackson and Carl Nassib Address Hard Knocks Segments

Browns head coach and Linebacker featured in episode 1

Carl Nassib
Source: Scott Piker

Hard Knocks ‘Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns‘ airs episode two on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. Two segments from episode one have been topics of conversation over the last week.

Head coach Hue Jackson and third year linebacker Carl Nassib addressed their Hard Knocks topics during Sunday’s media availability as the Browns returned to practice after two days off.

Speaking of days off, that’s the topic that coach Jackson addressed. Late in episode one, HBO showed a coaches only meeting where the topic of players off days came up. New offensive coordinator Todd Haley came out and expressed his displeasure on giving certain players days off during training camp. It is something that Jackson has done since he became the Browns head coach in 2016.

“I am glad that you brought that up. Let me explain it. Was it you [News Herald beat writer Jeff Schudel] that told me that we do a great job, and why have we not had any soft tissue injuries? Thank you. For the last two years, we have not had any soft tissue injuries. I think I said that day it was because our medical staff and myself we put a plan together to make sure that the guys – we have very good data that says that if a guy is very close, and people do not get that two days from then they are going to pull and there is a good chance that they will pull.”

“We have done this now for two years, and we have had really good success. I do not think that Todd meant anything by it. I just think that he meant from his feeling, he has been at different places and everybody has a different way of doing things. It is just how we do it here, and it works for us. The most important part is that we keep our players healthy. If we end up losing somebody, they will not be out here practicing. There was no animosity or anything like that. It was not a back and forth between Todd and myself. Todd gets it, trust me. That has never come up again. I want our guys to ask questions about those things. Once I explain them, then we move forward. That is just the way it works. It is a great thing.”

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Nassib learned a lesson thanks to his appearance in episode one, don’t make grandma mad.

Nassib received a call from his grandmother after she saw his talking about finances segment. Due to all the foul language it included, she was not happy with him.

“I’m a little embarrassed about my swearing,” Nassib said. “I didn’t know I swear that much. My grandmother was upset with me.”

In addition to the financial swearing, there was the segment about instagram. Nassib is pretty clear about his feelings toward the social media website. So is he a fan of it?

“No, I am not. I used to be,” Nassib said. Got rid of it.”

Finally there was the segment where he goes to the Taylor Swift concert and gets the opportunity to meet the singer.

“That is the real Carl Nassib,” Jackson said. “There is no doubt about it. Do not let him fool you. That is who he is.”

So is there a chance the linebacker could be in a relationship with the singer? Nassib did joke with Jackson about proposing to Swift.

“Absolutely not,” Nassib said. “She’s way out of my league. Yeah, she doesn’t have time for me.”

So what will episode two of Hard Knocks ‘Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns’ reveal? We’ll find out starting at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, but here is a preview.

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