Keeping a wonderful fifteen-year tradition alive, the Chicago Bears courteously donated twenty-eight bicycles to less-privileged children in the surrounding area on Sunday. Working with Catholic Charities-Diocese of Joliet, Resurrection Community Church of Nazarene, and Love Faith & Deliverance Outreach in Bourbonnais, the bikes all came with a helmet, bike lock, and Bears hat.


Beginning in 2004 when former Bears coaching legend Lovie Smith desired to navigate the Bourbonnais campus with healthier bicycles rather than more traditional golf carts or four wheelers. After realizing this dream and granting every single coach bikes and eventually running the need for them once training camp ended, the team settled on donating them all to local children. To this day, the tradition pushes on and resulted in the supplying of over 300 bikes in the fifteen-year span.

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As apart of an ongoing offseason of community benevolence, the donation of bicycles fits in with multiple heart-warming charity events the Bears have accomplished this training camp. Hosting events by the likes of the Special Olympics, USO of Illinois, By the Hand Club for Kids, not to mention their actual charity, Bears Care, held a Back to School Fair providing over 1,00 children with free haircuts, school supplies, and dental care, the Chicago Bears have done a lot of good in the community as of late. With a brightened season ahead, the Bears continue to storm the community with kindness and slowly draw in the goodwill of fans across Illinois.


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