Free Beer for Lucky Browns Fans But There is a Catch

Cleveland has to win a Regular Season Game

Cleveland Browns Bud Light Fridge
Bud Light Introduces Cleveland Browns “Victory Fridges” To Reward Fans (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)

Free beer in the endzone, go Browns go. Well it may not be in the endzone, but free beer will be available at ten Cleveland area bars. There is just one catch, or maybe a few depending on your beer of choice.

Tuesday, Bud Light unveiled its Cleveland Browns ‘Victory Fridge.’ Ten of them will be located in and around the greater Cleveland area. Each fridge contains 200 aluminum bottles of ice cold Bud Light.

Now here is one of the catches to the concept. The fridges currently have a chain lock on them so they can not be opened. It takes two steps to crack open the fridge. Number one the Cleveland Browns have to win a regular season game. Sounds easy enough right? Well the Browns are 1-31 in the Hue Jackson era. The one win came on Christmas Eve 2016. The Browns became just the second NFL team to go 0-16 in a season last year.

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The first chance for lucky Browns fans to enjoy a free beer is September 9 when the Browns open the regular season against their hated rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. Once win number one actually happens, the chain lock will unlock via wifi and Browns fans can drink away in celebration.

It will be interesting to see how this promotion will turn out. Cleveland has had its share of incidents in regards to beer and bottles.

In 1974, the ever famous, or shall I saw infamous ten cent beer night comes to mind. The Cleveland Indians had to forfeit the June 4 game to the Texas Rangers over rioting in the ninth inning by drunk fans.

In 2001, Browns fans littered then Cleveland Browns Stadium with bottles directed at the officials late in the loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The incident was called ‘bottlegate.’ Fans threw the bottles following a controversial incomplete pass call on wide receiver Quincy Morgan by referee Terry McAulay. The Browns were fighting for their playoff lives in year one of the Butch Davis era, the loss dropped the Browns to 6-7 and all but ended any chance of their first playoff appearance in the new era of Browns football.

Hopefully, this beer and bottle idea goes off without a hitch. What could possibly go wrong? Don’t answer that. What could make the promotion more geared toward the Browns is using Bud Light Orange for the orange and brown. Dilly Dilly!

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