Preseason is here and what a roar it is making this year. Yes, I know it is only preseason and some of my other writer’s friends covering other teams will not give me the time of day to enjoy it but dammit, I will enjoy this preseason.

Many great things have happened this offseason and we can see the ripple effects in the first week of preseason alone. Jordy Nelson and Marshawn Lynch going the yard, Sam Darnold showing up, Baker Mayfield being shown some love in the dog pound while dropping a 200+ yard game, Josh McCown playing Uncle Josh on the sidelines, and rookies like Saquon Barkley ripping through defenders looking like Le’Veon Bell. This is a magical time and with the new Madden NFL 19 out now, it is even better to get a real good look up close at what these guys are made of.

But we are not talking video games, kind of.

Fantasy Implications

This is about fantasy football. Fantasy demands each person to pick players based on where they stand and since the NFL is so massive, I can not do them all. I am starting with the favorite of many fantasy players, the running backs. Keep in mind that these guys are subjected to change over each week and their value will depend on various things: The defense they play against this week, last season and leading up to that game day to determine a yes or no. Start ’em, sit ’em.

Side note: I am a very big video game nerd and in love with the new Madden NFL 19. I have been following streamers and other players who also play the game. I wanted to see the reaction of that fan base and they love it hands down, my close friend in real life and streamer TubbiestVirus03 talks about Fortnite about as much as I talk about the Jets. So here is out to Tubby, time to switch to Madden brother.

Another side note over back to fantasy. What a week one preseason it has been. Look at all of the games we have seen: Raider v Lions, Giants v Browns, Steelers v Eagles, and Jets v Falcons. That is just to name the notable few. So why do we care fantasy wise about preseason? Well here is one very good reason why you should care: PLAYERS CAN GET HURT.

So here we go, here are a few notable players to keep your eyes on and a few players you need to steer clear of. Once again, these are looking at the players now going into Week 1 and it is subject to change due to injury, arrest, and I am leaving out the Le’Veon Bells and Todd Gurleys of the NFL.

Start ‘Em Stars

Dalvin Cook Vikings

Does anyone remember this guy? The guy who got hurt last season which paved a way for Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon to become the Vikings running back duo?  Yeah well, Dalvin Cook is back and hungry for revenge simply because they forgot about him.  Well, most didn’t with Cook and Murray being the only two RB on the Vikings that can be trusted right now. Up against a San Fran defense that will likely to give up yards to RB, I like Cook in this comeback role.

Dion Lewis – Titans

From the cold Tundra in New England to the Sunshine Southern, the man does not change. Dion Lewis is a beast machine and he will be the same. It doesn’t matter who has control of the playbook, Bill “Darth Vader” Belichick or new hire Mike Vrabel, Lewis will still pound the pavement and get you those fantasy points that you want. And facing a very favorable matchup against the Dolphins it is a no-brainer.

Other Start em Favorites-
  • Saquon Barkley – New York Giants
  • Isaiah Crowell – New York Jets
  • Jordan Howard – Chicago bears

Sit ‘Em Shadows

Ronald Jones II – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This will round off the list of sit ’em due to an unfavorable matchup. The first belongs to Ronald Jones II who is facing a very tough New Orleans defense who allowed just over 100 yards per game roughly last year. Though the Bucs got better as the season progressed, Payton Barber will be getting the majority of touches this year. Still wouldn’t recommend.

Carlos Hyde – Cleveland Browns

I know there is a contradiction here. Browns player must be a joke. But Carlos Hyde is a good RB, so why wouldn’t I play him? Well unless you want the Steel City boys stopping Hyde and giving you a big ole goose egg (or maybe a 1 point) then I would suggest staying away. Duke Johnson is looking better than Hyde and I still wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.

Other Sit ‘Em Shadowers
  • Marlon Mack – Indianapolis Colts
  • Alex Collins – Baltimore Ravens
  • Rashaad Penny – Seattle Seahawks

– Alessandro Senatore is a staff writer for Full Press Coverage Jets and covers the New York Jets. Like and follow on

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