Hard Knocks ‘Training Camp With the Cleveland Browns’ Episode 2 Review

What happened during the second of five episodes?

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Change coming to Cleveland

We start out episode two in the apartment of newly traded Corey Coleman. He is going over his massive shoe collection. We quickly transition to the Browns practice field where Coleman is running an in-route. Coleman gets inside and jumps to catch the ball. It goes through his hands and he falls to the ground. He is criticized by Todd Haley.

We then see multiple plays of Coleman missing the ball or being beat and giving up. That’s something Browns fans have seen on game day. While Coleman is an extremely talented player for the Browns, he has failed to produce and live up to the hype of a first round pick. A frustrated Coleman enters Hue Jackson‘s offense and asks him “Why are you guys playing me on the second team?” He gets the response of you need to ask Todd. In frustration Corey responds “If you don’t want to play me trade me.” Little did he know what was about to happen. Players and Coaches have questioned the trade giving up a former first round pick for a conditional 7th, it’s practically giving him away.

Here is a quote from Todd Haley: On if Bills WR Corey Coleman spoke to him about Coleman’s playing with the second team offense prior to the trade, given the footage in last night’s Hard Knocks episode:

“He did come talk to me. I am really focused on the guys that are here practicing. We have a big job going on here in trying to get to where we need to be. I will stick to talking about these guys.”

With Coleman gone, the discussions of what to do at receiver are prominent. Josh Gordon has still not reported to camp. Dorsey has discussed bringing in Dez Bryant. The senior strategist seems to advise against this move (I agree with him.) We then get our first look at Antonio Callaway a dynamic rookie who has off the field issues. He was cited for marijuana possession, and while given multiple chances to tell his coach or front office that it happened he failed to do so.

Next we get to take a closer look at our young stud tight end David Njoku. Who is sitting and meditating visualizing himself making great plays, which then cuts to him making great catches in practice. He then gets some crap for his purple and pink gloves, but then struggles to catch the ball in practice and is told to catch 30 balls on the Jug machine. He does so with Dorsey sitting and watching.

Our next look is with Baker Mayfield as we flash back to the talk he had with Hue Jackson last week about the process of becoming a pro. It’s all about the work you put in, Baker has now been coming in a couple hours earlier than before and studying the playbook.

After a brief conversation between Baker and Browns legend Jim Brown we see some bad practice habits that start upsetting coaches. Drew Stanton gets hit by the defenders which causes Todd Haley to curse at the defense, then Hue gets fired up as he watches some players walking around the field. He delivers the message that bad practice won’t bring winners and he doesn’t want any players who aren’t motivated.

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We then get to take a quick look at defensive star Myles Garrett. In his spare time, Garrett spends some of his time writing poetry, and likes to focus on writing about things other than football. Garrett then shows exactly why he was the number one pick just a year ago, beating the offensive line on multiple plays.

We then go to John Dorsey‘s office and see how they handled finding out about Callaway’s off field problem. Dorsey tells Callaway he’s not in college anymore and he has to do and be better. This is the NFL. People want to see him fail. He needs to learn from his mistakes and be better. They believe him and his story but if anything like that happens again, he needs to call them immediately.

Devon Cajuste is a tight end fighting to make the team. While he fails to make some catches seems to be liked by his teammates. We get to look at his connection with his father and his struggle with health issues. Anyone close with their father can understand the emotion that goes into the love and bond between father and son.

We now get to our first preseason game against the Giants. It is publicized that because of Callaway’s mistake he will be punished by playing the entire game.  The first drive by Tyrod looked great going 5-5 with the finishing touchdown to Njoku. Of course next up the moment we’ve all been waiting for Baker’s first start. After a rocky start we see the touchdown pass on the mark to Njoku adding to a great debut for Baker. Of course we get to see Gregg Williams yelling at the players about focus and energy getting in and out of the huddle and substituting. Callaway’s 50 yard touchdown run is even more impressive seeing how much work he put in before that.

Here are some more quotes from Haley about Baker and his first game:

On QB Baker Mayfield:
“He is making progress. (Baker) is much like Tyrod. He is a younger guy that has more to learn. He has generally been the same guy every day and he has made consistent progress. That is a good sign. For his first game, he had an opportunity to get out there and run around and throw the football. For the most part, he made good decisions and made some real good plays. That was all good stuff.”

On what Mayfield has shown that he can be successful in the NFL when he is ready to play:

“Speaking on the [Giants] game, your first opportunity to get out there with real bullets flying, I thought it was not too big for him. He was by no means perfect, but he kept his cool and he was never flustered. I think it is clear to everybody that he can throw the football. The key for him is to just keep working, keep learning from the older guys in that room – (QB) Drew (Stanton) and Tyrod – that really give him a great chance to grow and develop. As I said earlier in the year, it is a unique group and one that is a lot of fun to be around. I am sure any young quarterback – Baker, (QB) Brogan (Roback) – it is an ideal environment to grow, learn and develop.”

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