In their return to the LA Coliseum, the Oakland Raiders fell to the LA Rams, 19-15. In a game that saw poor quarterback play, the Raiders slumbered through the entirety of this contest. However, with every preseason game, things start to begin to clear. While we know many of the starters, backups are fighting for a coveted playoff spots. As a result, the cutdown day will be one of the tougher ones in memory. Yet, yesterday’s game was a glimpse into the depth and issues of Oakland.



Although Chris Warren is not seeing the first-team defenses, the rookie from Texas continues to make the most of his chances. Warren compiled 110 yards on 18 carries. Granted, Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin remain the top two backs, Warren continues to impress. With each game, the rookie shows a downhill style and force that Jon Gruden prefers. Then again, time will tell if Warren is the one.


Cabinda and Lee

If you look at tackle numbers with a correctly skeptical eye, Jason Cabinda and Marquel Lee played fairly well. This linebacking duo amassed a combined eleven tackles. In Paul Guenther’s system, linebacker play remains huge. With that said, players like Cabinda and Lee exemplify the downhill style Guenther worked with in Cincinnati.


Coverage Pressure

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When the Raiders released Marquette King, the fanbase bucked at first. Yet, Johnny Townsend is the polar opposite of King. In that case, the Raiders must be disciplined and lane responsible. Plus, Townsend may be the better directional kicker. However, he lacks King’s booming leg. The Raiders will need to not give up lanes. Plus, this is where Rich Bisaccia will earn his money.



In reality, the loss means nothing. On the other hand, we learned that Jon Gruden instilled a better sense of focus on this team. Gone are the days of regaining mojo or whatever Del Rio foolishness. Also, the Raiders look like they take to Gruden’s style.

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