The Colts head home with some confidence as they edged out the Seahawks the week prior 19-17. One of the Colts’ toughest battles will be containing QBs like Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott and so on.

We get our first look as to how the Colts plan on containing mobile quarterbacks as the Ravens will most likely have 32nd overall pick Lamar Jackson play about a quarter and a half. Linebackers are known to be a weak spot for the Colts but we will see if Darius Leonard, Matthew Adams, and Zaire Franklin can contain the fast and agile Jackson not to mention if the great depth at the defensive line can put the pressure on Jackson and prevent him from escaping the collapsing pocket.

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The Ravens have a great defensive line, which will be a huge test for the somewhat respectable Colts offensive line. The left side of the line in Quenton Nelson and center Ryan Kelly showed to be really solid in Seattle. The offensive line struggled at the right guard and tackle spot where there is still no guarantee as to who the starters will be come week 1. From the second quarter on, look for any surprise starters, hopefully, none that makes the quarterback fumble the ball three times at the snap back to back to back to back though, if anyone does that I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make the team.

The last thing I will be looking for is the overall excitement after an exciting moment in Lucas Oil Stadium. This will be the Colts first home game of the season and if a big play happens or anything to get excited about happens, the team will need some loud and excited feedback from the hometown crowd. This is an almost completely redone Colts organization in which almost everyone is sleeping on the potential of this team. If you go to not only this game vs the Ravens but any home game or even away game, make it known that no one can sleep on the Colts this year. If fans do our part and show excitement for the team, then it will fire up the team and lead to high tempo play.

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