Raiders Critique: Head Coach Jon Gruden

Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden

With every positive aspect that Jon Gruden brings to the table, room for improvement always exists. Therefore, careful analysis requires thoughtful consideration. To answer the question of critiquing Gruden, FPC Raiders writers Berry, Aspuria, and Richards



Gruden needs to call out Obi more or just stop addressing it. Him calling him out and not talking about the likes of Reggie Nelson and Leon Hall makes Reggie McKenzie’s failed draft picks and flawed philosophy that caused them to miss out on players that would fix the current holes they have at key positions to begin with.

Second, he needs to address what the city of Oakland means to him and this roster of players if owner Mark Davis will not. Lastly, he needs to put all the pressure an analysis on his offense to further take heat off the Khalil Mack negotiations. Talk up how important Carr’s development and offensive depth is with the core offensive line at play. His entire daily message should be discipline and mental toughness. Get off Khalil Mack’s head and hold the offense to the standard that Mack as an individual has set.

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No clarity in backup QB spot. Connor Cook and EJ Manuel appear to be on even plain. Raiders need to identify one prime backup.  Not equivocally stating rookie Eddy Pineiro as the team’s starting kicker. Just state the obvious.The radio silence on Khalil Mack. I have no real concerns unless Mack is missing Week 1, but the needle has not been moving on the Raiders best defender.



While I am usually able to answer these questions well, this one I may have some trouble with. I really do not have much to gripe about with Gruden. Obviously, I am not a huge fan of how the Mack situation is being handled. Obviously, I wish we would sign him, but my biggest gripe with the situation is just the lack of communication. I would be overjoyed to see Gruden and Mack just sitting and talking at a bar. However, more steps must occur. The Raiders were able to convince Donald Penn to restructure his contract, freeing up crucial cap to assist in signing Khalil Mack.


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