During the preseason, scores of legends return to Napa and see the Raiders up close and person. Like a rite of summer, these retired players go home and see how the modern versions of themselves perform. With that, the question of which former Raiders would people like to see coach their positions. To answer this FPC writers Richards, Aspuria, Berry, and Biggs chime in about which legends could step in and help immediately


Grant Richards

First, hire Charles Woodson to work with all DBs. Time and time again, the Raiders defensive backs disappoint me. Whether it is being absolutely toasted deep by a less-than-great receiver or missing open field tackles, the defensive backs need all the help they can get. Secondly, I would have Sebastian Janikowski (assuming no hard feelings due to being cut earlier this year) come work with Eddie Pineiro. Like most baseball pitchers, kickers are head cases. Roberto Aguero was the best kicker in Florida State University history and now he is struggling to find work. For NBA players, a steep drop in production out of college might make sense due to better players and a deeper 3-point line.

However, in the NFL, not much changes to a kicker’s game except the pay and pressure and considering whose shoes Pineiro is filling, I would say there is a lot of pressure at this position. Lastly, I would like to have Tim Brown come in and work with Amari Cooper. Cooper is a very good wide receiver but after finishing last season with the second most drops in the league, Cooper is nowhere near his potential.

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Ray Aspuria

Marcel Reece – RB coach, particularly as receiving options. Edgar Bennett is going to do a fine job, but Reece can get FBs to excel.

Charles Woodson – DB coach. Sir Charles imparting knowledge is a thing to admire.

Shane Lechler – kicking game quality control. Is there anyone better to get Johnny Townsend on track?

Kenneth Berry

Charles Woodson would make the best defensive back/special teams coach. Tyrone Wheatley is a proven running backs & tight ends coach. Marcus Allen would also be a solid positional choice.



Terrance Biggs

While my picks may not be the most famous or legendary, I believe they make sense. First, I would install Kirk Morrison as linebackers’ coach. Granted, Morrison enjoys a lucrative TV career. Yet, I think for the right offer, he would return to Oakland as a coach. Next, I would hire Zack Crockett to coach the backs. Currently, Crocket works in the scouting department. However, who better to teach the straight-ahead, pounding style that Jon Gruden loves?


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