In dropping their first preseason game to the Ravens at home, Indianapolis showed us plenty to overanalyze and vigorously overreact to. The Monday night match felt like preseason, with plenty of fumbles, penalties, and mishaps. Despite the loss, the Colts were a two-point conversion away from their second preseason win. However, maybe going undefeated in the preseason is a bad thing. The 08′ Lions did it and we all know how that season went. I digress; let’s take stock of three Colts who increased in value and three who had their value fall.

Stock Rising

Steve Ishmael

We all know about the Colts’ woes at the wide receiver position. T.Y. Hilton suffered a minor injury in camp, Deon Cain is out for the season, and rookie Daurice Fountain disappointed. Luckily, it was another rookie who stepped up and made some plays for the Colts.

In the fourth quarter, Ishmael showed great chemistry with Phillip Walker. He converted two catches on one of the final drives of the game for 52 yards.

Ishmael runs a great route here, separating on the sideline and making a tight catch. He then high points the ball for a 39-yard grab over the cornerback. If Ishmael can continue to make plays like this, he should see an increased volume of snaps and more playing time with the ones and the twos.

Quincy Wilson

Last week against Seattle, Wilson struggled mightily. He didn’t cover well in man or zone and lost track of the ball often. Wilson bounced back in a big way against the Ravens, looking like the number one corner that the Colts hope he can become.

Wilson didn’t allow a catch in coverage and did very well in run support. He blanketed receivers in man coverage all night, didn’t allow the deep ball, and even contained Lamar Jackson exquisitely, forcing a fumble. He made a key deflection on third down on a slant against Jordan Lasley, forcing a punt.

The Colts have a lot of stock in Wilson as he is slated as their number one cornerback. With a slew of mediocre, replacement-level defensive backs sitting behind him on the depth chart, it is imperative that Wilson continues this form and develops into a number one cornerback this year.

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Hassan Ridgeway

I didn’t anticipate having the same player on this list for two weeks in a row but Ridgeway is forcing my hand. He had an excellent preseason debut in Seattle, combining his athleticism and power with newfound technique and discipline. To the surprise of some, he continued his dominant play against the Ravens and may have succeeded his week one performance.

Ridgeway accrued five tackles, two sacks, two hits, and three tackles for loss in Monday night’s loss, bringing his preseason total up to four sacks and six tackles for loss in two games. In a Colts’ defensive line room devoid of talent, Ridgeway’s performance has been incredibly encouraging. He even ran with the first unit and had some success against a good Baltimore line. If Ridgeway continues his level of play, he should become a staple on the defensive line and one of the top upcoming players in the NFL.

Stock Down

Nyheim Hines

For the second straight week, Hines performed very poorly. He once again didn’t get a significant amount of snaps on offense and fumbled away (pun intended) the return job. Despite multiple fumbles and muffs, the Colts were reluctant to take Hines out of the return job.

Nyheim Hines still boasts plenty of upside but he absolutely has to clean up his hands before he works on anything else. The jury is not out on Hines yet but he absolutely has to step up if he wants to keep his guaranteed spot on the roster, let alone the field.

Le’Raven Clark

With Anthony Castonzo still out with injury, the Colts have been looking for anyone to step up at the left tackle position. They tried Le’Raven Clark in the starting unit on Monday. Needless to say, that experiment failed miserably. Clark looked lost, missing assignments and failing to pick up pressure routinely. He had multiple mental lapses and looked completely outmatched by the likes of Terrell Suggs and Za’Darius Smith. The Colts need an answer at backup tackle and unfortunately, Clark doesn’t seem like the one.

T.J. Green

How many times do I have to do this? If I had to vote, T.J. Green gets mine for the undisputed worst player on the Colts and one of the worst players in the NFL. Against the Ravens, he continued to look lost, disinterested, and like he shouldn’t be on the field. A former second-round pick, Green has failed to live up to any expectations and should not be on the Colts’ roster.

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