Hard Knocks Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns Episode 3 Review

What happened during the third of five episodes?

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Gordon is in the building!

What would Cleveland Browns training camp be without a fight? We start out episode three with Jarvis “Juice” Landry starting a fight after being pushed down by cornerback Terrance Mitchell during a drill. A view of training camp comes next showing how much we as fans love the Browns. All the fans are shown cheering and watching camp.

The Browns get a visit from country music superstar and avid Browns fan Brad Paisley. He stands on the sideline with general manager John Dorsey. They watch Baker Mayfield make multiple on point throws during practice, even wowing some of his teammates. Paisley even convinces Baker to let him “infiltrate the RV.”

We then get a look at undrafted quarterback Brogan Roback and his girlfriend Ally Goff explore Cleveland’s Botanical Gardens, messing with Butterflies and chameleons.

Tyrod Taylor is sitting in the film room studying for his preseason game against his former team the Buffalo Bills who traded him away last season, after helping break their 16 year playoff drought. Tyrod’s name pronunciation is touched on here. He prefers to be called T-arod, which is the correct way. In college Lee Corso called him Tyrod and it stuck, he never felt the need to correct them.

Carl Nassib shows off some of his skills in the pass rush, and trying to sack the quarterback, while also having an interesting exchange with offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Mitchell and Landry are running opposite of each other. Mitchell is apparently talking trash and holding Landry. As a result, tempers flare and the fight from the beginning of the episode breaks out. As Landry puts it sometimes these young guys need to get their (butts) kicked.

We then get our first look at Moose, the Browns office dog. He roams the offices and from the looks of it gets free roam to do whatever he wants.

Bob Wylie coaches the Browns offense line. He goes on a nice little rant on how stretching is overrated. That the men who fought in world war one and two only did push up and sit ups and won two world wars. Wylie is also practices magic and loves zoology. While we visit the defensive backs room to get another profanity filled rant on laziness by coach Gregg Williams. Followed by the defensive players running through drills.

Dez Bryant as we all know is a free agent. He visited Berea. We see Bryant go around and introduce himself to multiple members of the organization. Bryant and head coach Hue Jackson meet and discuss what he needs and where Jackson thinks the Browns are going. Hue lay’s everything out on what he expects for the team and wants to bring the Browns back to the forefront. Bryant says “He just wants to be real, and keep things real.”

Up next is preseason game number two. The first preseason game at First Energy Stadium as the Browns take on the Bills. Taylor and Corey Coleman both go around and talk to old teammates and coaches. The game plan is to establish the running game. We get to see a great stiff arm and run by Carlos Hyde in addition to a nasty crack back block laid by Landry on the Browns first touchdown drive.

While I hope the offensive pass interference calls don’t happen in the season, most of the ones called in that game didn’t look like fouls to me. While Baker struggled at times, he continued to show poise in the pocket and make plays. We also got to see Nick Chubb‘s first career rushing touchdown.

Hue’s message after the game when people come in here we should whoop their (butts), penalties killed us tonight.

The best scenes of the episode though, the King has returned Josh Gordon is in the building and looking good.

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