The Atlanta Falcons tangle with the Jacksonville Jaguars today in Jacksonville. Most of the starters from both sides are expected to play. Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Deion Jones, Ricardo Allen, and Marvin Hall will be inactive for the Falcons, but all the other starters will play the first half. There are four things I want you to keep your eye out for in this game. I’m eager to see Calvin Ridley versus the best secondary in the National Football League. Will Isaiah Oliver bounce back after getting cooked for a huge touchdown last week versus the Chiefs? Can Duke Riley build off his solid performance he had a week ago to solidify his spot on this roster? Lastly the elephant in the room, will Matt Ryan come out to try to prove something to Jalen Ramsey after his “OVERRATED” comments last week. This should be fun!

Calvin Ridley

This is the rookie’s first real test to prove what he can do on this level. Last week versus the Chiefs we saw Ridley score his first touchdown in the National Football Leauge.

This week is a whole different animal. Being matched up with Jalen Ramsey, and A.J. Bouye is no easy task for all pros, let alone a rookie playing in his third game. I think Ridley is prepared and ready for whats coming his way tonight. Ridley will be put to the test early because Jacksonville corners love to play press man coverage. I’m excited to see if Ridley can beat the one on one coverage. Everyone has raved about his ability to run routes well tonight is the first real chance for Calvin Ridley to show the world what he’s made of.

Isaiah Oliver

Oliver got roasted and toasted in last week’s game versus the Chiefs


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On the play it looks clear that Oliver was beat from the start. The killer part is that Oliver gets beat by a practice squad guy. That’s certainly not what the Atlanta Falcons wanted to see from Oliver in his first home game. Poor technique. This is not college anymore Oliver, and this week gets no easier for the rookie Defensive Back. Jacksonville has some good talent at wideout. Dede Westbrook, Marquis Lee and Donte Moncrief are no scrubs. Oliver may not have to go against Jacksonville’s first team that much, but I know Coach Quinn want’s to see how Oliver bounces back.


Keep your eye out on how the rookie play’s tonight.

Duke Riley

Riley had a quiet game last week versus the Chiefs. He didn’t do anything worth talking about. That’s a positive for Duke’s sake. Riley has looked terrible in recent games. So for him to go unnoticed is a good thing. Last week Riley had a solid five tackles. This week he will have to make a play, and I mean a impact play. Interception or maybe recover a fumble for a touchdown. Duke Riley needs something to show the fans that he’s legit, and can play at a high level. He needs a splash play, and with Deion Jones being out Riley will have every opportunity to make a play. Will he make the best of his opportunity? Or will the rookie Linebacker Foye Oluokun shine brighter?

Matt Ryan

Last week Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey made news. He called Matt Ryan “overrated”. The teams play each other tonight so what should we expect to see from Ryan. Ryan is not overrated at all. He’s a legit top quarterback in the National Football League. Ryan has won rookie of the year, and even went to a pro bowl before Julio Jones set foot in Atlanta. Tonight you can expect Matt Ryan to come out hot, completing most of his passes and shredding the Jaguars defense. Making a point to Jalen Ramsey who will be playing versus Matt Ryan for the first time in his career. Ramsey has woke up a sleeping giant. Matt Ryan season starts tonight, and he will light it up tonight just to prove to Jalen that his MVP award was no fluke.

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